Snapping up salt, matches, abuse power

The Company's effort to invest in Belarusian rubles at least something a bit more reliable, Belarusians have started to buy consumer goods. First of all, buy salt, vodka, matches, detergents, household appliances and so on.

Gomel Oblast

"We need to sell Belarusian money!"

After the sugar and butter Gomel residents began to accumulate salt, meat products. Also increased the demand for domestic appliances.

Prior to the accumulation of products and industrial goods are pushing prices which pustsilisya ran into a gallop with the growth rates of hard currency.

Says a resident of the 17th district Tamara:

"Bought a chicken fillet, not frozen, if the old price — 17 thousand rubles. Here's a shop opposite — there it is already 21 one hundred and eightieth Yesterday there was not anything on the counter, and today they have posted. Frozen — because they are not brought a fresh, anyway — 21 one hundred and eightieth is a difference? Four thousand — this daygi. "

Young mother adds that the high demand has created the queue, which had not previously been observed:

"In order to buy fresh chicken soup for the child, it is necessary to go Prudkovskii market. And there — kilometer queue. Kilometer queue! I had to buy fresh chicken soup for the child, and I can not buy it freely. "

Cash benefits for children — about 300 thousand rubles, and the package is already pampersav 150,000.

Young mother complains that the stocks do not specifically for that:

"In order to make stocks, have at least some free money, but they are not. Child benefit up to 300 thousand, and the package is worth one hundred and fiftieth pampersav So how do they do? We used to go to stores and buy every day, because this was not. And now some incredible hype. "

How many of the citizens have a certain amount of money, it is stored long-term food storage.

Elena says that just zatavarylasya frozen meat:

"Everyone has bought — a bag of sugar, salt, oil, took a little bit. Everything becomes more expensive. Chicken was 8000, and now — 20-22 thousand. And the money they earn the same — no more. Therefore it is necessary padnakuplyats. "

Along with products sensitive Gomel buy and appliances. The demand for it has grown significantly in the shops "Obltorgsouz" on the street Mogilev, in other specialized shopping centers.

A woman in years has explained his desire to acquire new household appliances:

"In order to foist the money wherever it something! Only the price was acceptable — TV plyazmavym screen TV, refrigerator, microwave. It is necessary to dispose of the Belarusian money! . "


No confidence in the future

Yesterday at Brest store "Merchant" townspeople bought almost all the available goods.

The director of one of the largest regional shopping center confirms that the demand for all speculative:

"In general, most buy pasta, cereals, vinegar, salt. The reason? I can not say. I was based on today there prices are the same as they were. I again ordered a new product that was bought up. All sold out yesterday, today, all will be brought back. And at the old prices. But what will happen tomorrow — I do not know. Come tomorrow, we will compare. "

Vendors say they are now lifted restrictions on trade margins on cooked meats, fish, salt, bananas, oranges, cheese to other products. Because of this, they are significantly more expensive. But buyers for it allegedly did not pay attention.

Bought up almost all the products in the store.

"People used to come to the store to buy small amounts. They said that there is no money, complained about the hard life. And over the past two days have given such a huge revenue. Bought up almost all the products in the store. "

Employees of shops say that the price of new goods increased. The townspeople disputed that. Says a resident of Alexander Brest:

"It is said that the price of salt will increase to 4,000 rubles per kilogram. Therefore, when the stores bring salt, it is literally buying bags. A huge demand for vinegar. Will soon begin seaming different, so it is not always enough. The excitement even in the match. In front of me in the store people were taking whole boxes matches. The excitement even toilet paper. Saw a woman in a store bought about 20 rolls. What can you do when the prices go up in the stores every day? . "

A resident of Brest Svetlana Ignatyevna says there is no confidence in the future. Such a situation, as suggested by an elderly woman in the country had never been:

"I do not know, people are just in a panic. Badly when the shelves are disappearing goods. A strange situation, in my memory that never before had such an even. What will happen — it is terrible to think. "

Grodno region

To bring down the hype, no salt is packed in bags and packages

Residents of Grodno actively snapping up products, salt, matches, household products, home appliances, and more. People expect a significant cost.

In recent days, the activity of buyers, sellers as they say in the stores, has turned into a real stir. In which stores do not have time to deliver salt. Her snapping, as the prices are like to grow up to 4 thousand rubles per kilogram.

Here is what the hype Ostrovetsky resident of the district:

"Everything snapped: and salt, and vinegar, and do not have time to deliver sugar to the store since taking whole bags. Now the bags do not deliver, but only in packages. Have less to take, as in the packets is more expensive. "

In Slonim dismantle not only food, but also appliances. Here are some of the gentlemen of the Slonim:

First man: "Salt of the large snapping, household chemicals are no longer in stores, in particular — washing powders. Saw a vodka and dragged out shopping. People believe that the dollar will rise further and the prices will grow. "

Second, Mr."Salt raked out of the stores bags of 25 kg. And here I went to buy a chicken broiler, one jumped up — took just six, the second of five, four — previously this was not. And in the "Jubilee" parazgrabali household appliances: washing machines, televisions … And now snapping up where what is cheaper and cereals, pasta, but all that is possible. "

But in Navahrudak people raskuplyayuchy supplies, and do not hesitate to criticize the president.

Lukashenko dopek them, have already lost their fear.

Mrs."The excitement of building materials, linoleum and even bought up the rest. But the most interesting thing is that snapping up salt and matches. People are angry and openly say that Lukashenko them stole, they are not shy at all, even scolds Lukashenko, lost the fear. A dollar we have is 8000, while the euro — 10,000. "

Reporter: "Or try to buy food in the reserve, not expecting them to rise again?"

Mrs."Especially not try, do not buy a lot? Cereals — well, two pounds, maybe three, and so may deteriorate. Sahara bought that was enough for me for the summer. For me, the most unacceptable — it's buckwheat prices. We are at the age, we need to porridge, buckwheat. I am a pensioner, the husband also retired, we do not have enough buckwheat, too expensive to buy a pension — it's hard. "

An elderly man remarked — "All my life do not rack." The prices are not vgonissya, everything becomes more expensive on the eye:

"From the food, spare parts and travel too. People buying manufactured goods, afraid for money. As usual, the zeros discarded. Our Belarusian ruble becomes nothing. "

The second gentleman talks about his experiences:

"I myself have only recently talking to a man, he came from the village, they are a match three hundred rubles, salt — three thousand. In Grodno ran to buy at prices even earlier. I myself not to buy, well, Prayas — and all prices will not fall … I went into the store and was horrified: there is nothing at all pazmyatali they could, TVs are the same — even the wrong people. We have been through this process. NOT napasessya, but the prices will rise. I do not know what this "idiotic attack."

The President said that we had passed the global crisis. But now digging into the crisis in a single farm.

Some Grodno believe that the crisis will deepen.

Mr."They say that there will be some sort of apocalypse, the end of this all in a single country. Because our esteemed president said that we had passed the global crisis, it did not affect us, but we are now in a crisis dug in a single, one might say, a collective farm that that the global crisis will seem to us manna from heaven. "

Especially difficult today for young professionals.

Mr."I have two daughters, one a teacher, the other a doctor. One, not yet married, left for two years in Korelichi area uncalled her specialty, the salary is low. What can it do for four rubles today? Living at the expense of parents now are young, they do not do. And if you took out a loan, only sixty years old will be able to return! When the children grew up. And when the living? Live once already. "


money shortage

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