Solidarity Fund is an initiative of Baranja Destiny


According Levchenkova, the money in the "Solidarity Fund" will be counted from the union dues in the amount of 10% will also be made charitable donations.

Thus, says activist can be "Hedge" of potential strikers, who sometimes do not dare to protest, because they are afraid of losing income.

Vasily Levchenko said the creation of a "solidarity fund" to make the administration of enterprises refers to the demands of strikers more seriously. Baranski on "Destiny", in particular, the previously manual explicitly states that protests is not afraid of saying that to stop working for a long time the workers do not dare, because their wages are made of.

If Baranski community initiative supported at the national level, can be expected to replenish the ranks of the Free Trade Union of Metalworkers — said Vasily Levchenko. After all, those who are ready to defend their labor rights, will feel not only moral but also material support colleagues.



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