Some are afraid, others wait

"Russian are coming!" — Such headlines are increasingly flash across the pages of the Western business press. Some are afraid, others are waiting. Like, let us buy better Russian than the Indians or the Chinese! Especially powerful wave of talk about the economic onslaught swept east after the Russian company bought up a hefty portion of the North American steel industry. Also — the only producer of platinum and palladium in the United States and the only Canadian producer of uranium.

Fair Factories

No financial woes are not able to discourage our businessmen do hunt all new purchases abroad. Only in the last two years there have been several very large by any standard transactions. Most surprising State UralVagonZavod. Russia's main manufacturer of rolling stock for railway laid out an undisclosed sum (according to independent estimates — 30 million euros) for the trash bankrupt steel plant in northern France. Now part of the casting for Russian cars comes from the Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

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