Soon. Military weapons, printed on a 3D printer

It seems that 3D Printer and printing, which can be made on it, will soon become a big problem for the authorities. Craftsmen of Defense Distributed sake of the experiment presented to the audience his first job: clip to an automatic rifle that has been printed using 3D printing...

This time with the help of 3D-printer printed a 30-round magazine for the 5.56 mm AR-16 rifle. Plastic transparent shop first drawn in the program CAD, and then brought to the printer Objet Connex260. The only item in print factory shop — it's spring.

As in other parts of the weapons store in a sense, was the victim of imperfect three-dimensional printing technology weapons. This is primarily due to the lack of strength of materials — plastics can not withstand the stresses of long shooting. In the future, developers hope to solve the problem of arms printed, but all the same metal parts, such as springs, screws, barrel, bolt, etc., will have to do the traditional factory methods.

Printed plastic store on the first shooting could easily shoot all 30 rounds. However, after the addition of graphite powder inside and grinding shop with no problems had shot 50 rounds without damage and utykany patron. The developers believe that the store is easy to stand up to 100 shots, and then there will be traces of thermal deformation. For a cheap "disposable" version is not bad.



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