Springs — eternal life

Modern man, caught in the grip of civilization, almost lost the ability to control their own lives.

Technogenic civilization drove it to a dead end, where almost no choice: where to live, how to eat, what to drink?

Comprising 80 percent of the water inhabitant of planet Earth for centuries dwelt near sources of life-giving water. Many springs, rivers and lakes are certainly endowed with ancient miraculous properties. However, over time the healing properties of water have become ubiquitous and only weaken the habit to the sacred sources continue to rush thousands of people. But only in the most remote from industrial areas and large populations remained springs really living water. Moreover, these sites can not be holy. Simply, they have continued to grow and evolve with the constant global processes on Earth and in the universe.

And that is, drinking water from such a source, one is able to return to normal harmony with the environment. Following this, he will definitely feel a surge of strength and healing …

Water on Earth

Earth contains about 1,500 million cubic meters. miles of water. Most of the water — about 110-190 million cubic meters. km. is in the earth's crust. The share of fresh water is about 10%.

Today, about 80 percent of Russian citizens and live in cities. The vast majority of them are forced to drink water from the tap, using different water purification filters or buy bottled water, past industrial cleaning. However, a small part of the people, after all, trying to meet the need for clean water, going to the nearest spring, covered with centuries-old reputation of miraculous healings. But what awaits him there, really?


Underground waters are divided into two types: deep-lying groundwater and surface.
Deep groundwater is located hundreds of meters from the ground, and form a giant underground reservoirs. The water is protected by layers of waterproof natural and is under pressure.
Surface waters are located directly in the soil, and at a depth of several meters. These sources do not have the protective layer from direct contact with the ground and therefore are vulnerable to contamination. However, they are able to quickly build up in wells.

Springs in and around Moscow

Not all springs from Moscow you can drink the water without further treatment, as indicated by data from different eloquent oversight services. Especially for the inhabitants of the capital the maps, which indicate the gravity of water, and recommended special handling rules.

Spring water in Moscow
Clean spring in Moscow considered "holy" in Krylatskoye, "Sergius of Radonezh" in Teply Stan, "Swan Princess" in the Intercession-Streshnevo "Tsaritsyno" in the floodplain of the Tsaritsyn pond.

Not suitable for drinking: Troparevskom spring in the park, where the rate increased too MCL for chromium, a source in the park because of Filevsky excessive body aluminum, potassium, and magnesium, spring Trinity Borisov saturated with iron, and in the springs in Sviblovo and Kolomna exceeding the MCL for heavy metals.

Water outside the MKAD

On the river water in the precincts of the largest metropolis Russia remind anyone especially not necessary, water to drink out of it no one is going. Not better things and a 30-kilometer area of the capital. All surface and underground sources is also not clear. Even water well drilling is not always a positive result, because I thought, until recently, deep reservoirs, with a robust multi-layer protection of the natural, were also vulnerable. Abroad, the Moscow region the situation is somewhat better, but only in places as far from large cities.

Artesian water
Artesian wells are drilled to a depth of 250 meters. Water from deep reservoirs fed by a pump to the surface. Typically, these pools are protected from the upper layers of the soil clay layers. At a depth of 40 meters and are located on the limestone aquifers, which are called artesian. Water from deep wells may have high rigidity and free of organic matter. Usually the water is filtered and purified industrial or household waste.

Ancient springs in the Middle East

Meanwhile, in the Middle East once the life-giving springs and the whole underground system of water declared unfit for drinking. The first officially recognized the radioactivity Jordan. It exceeds the allowable 20 times.

As you know, all the underground water channels in the Middle East are linked, so the problem of drinking water has become the most urgent today.

Water from underground sources of Jordan contains high levels of naturally occurring radioactive particles that cause some types of cancer. Excessive pumping of water from other sources has resulted in a significant increase in their salt content, making the water is also not suitable for drinking.

Natural spring water

In the natural spring water, mineral composition is subjected to any physical and chemical changes. Spring water comes to the surface, passing through the sand and gravel in its natural hydrochemical composition. It is exposed to the natural ideal cleaning.

Springs directly from hitting the Earth's interior. Many Russian rivers originate in the keys and springs, why even in the recent past, people settled near rivers and are not afraid to drink running water. Moreover, the closer to the source of water was sampled, so it was considered the most pure. Those who did not want to live near a river, chose a place where the water could easily come to the surface. Spring water is not the same taste in a variety of sources, but always quenches thirst and has a refreshing effect.

The benefits of spring water:
— natural natural qualities and properties;
— needs no further treatment;
— saturated with oxygen;
— not require boiling.
Disadvantages of spring water:
— violation of the natural properties of water in wells, declared unfit for drinking;
— not exposed to long storage (storage no more than one week).

What to drink?
Irrepressible human mind seeks new ways out of the situation. The most popular are the filter tap water. They are all based on different treatment technologies, but the authors claim in their absolute reliability. In turn, manufacturers offer a variety of drinks variety of clean and purified water. The most popular in cities uses bottled water — spring water and mineral. Recently appeared on the market water treated special devices, the structure of which is as close to a perfect natural water.

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