St. Petersburg analyst Alexander Zakharov: The whole world is waiting for the summer of disasters

St. Petersburg analyst Alexander ZakharovEngineer invented an algorithm by which calculates disasters.
It is clear that against earthquake and tsunami barehanded not trample. But surely it could not have been foreseen and prevented people? Now this advanced technology — from outer space on the mobile phone unfaithful wives followed. And then seismologists with its sensitive instruments — neither sleep nor spirit.

From St. Petersburg, Alexander Zakharov, an engineer by training and now a crisis analyst, it appears, has long made "formula catastrophes." And in other words — a mathematical model that predicts the disaster.

— Ninth of March, I spoke on the radio "Freedom", and said that one of these days something will happen in the world. Tenth day of March brought the schedules to the office of the regional Emergencies Ministry, gave a receipt — says forecaster (see chart. — Ed.) — The next day, Japan is set.

Zakharov is trying to convey their knowledge to all who could use it. Knocking, he said, all doors. But so far the response has not found. Experiencing: joining forces, we could avoid a lot of accidents. For example, "shortchange" Russian planes. Is bad to know in advance: fall — will not fall? And take action.

The author of the method claims that can provide everything from industrial accidents to natural phenomena. Regularly "check" the same to Japan and other countries, places the individual at home and even personal life — a universal method. Himself he is calculating regularly. As well as their relatives, neighbors and friends.

— I build forecasts for calculating energy rhythms of nature, — says Alexander Zakharov. — Nature as it vibrates and creates resonances. Analyzing millions of practical observation more than a decade, derived an algorithm. According to it, everything is calculated. This is a logical algorithm. Details can not tell — the know-how. But new data constantly introduce into the database, the formulation of the new forecasts. This is basically arithmetic: plus, minus, multiply, divide. By astrology is irrelevant. Subject to the same schedule and flares, the changing magnetic field of the Earth, an accident, a plane crash, and all that you want.

Calculations are based on the fact that everything in nature is natural. For example, on March 8 off the coast of California threw out a huge school of sardines. So concludes Zakharov, something happened in the deep ocean (scientists then explained: was the release of gas from the bowels of the earth) — expect trouble off the coast of California. Do not have time to voice their forecast on television — March 9, pulled a hurricane in Louisiana.

Last autumn, a schedule for the first half of 2011. January-February 2011, the fallen "black months." Possible social tensions. When in December 2010, the shark began to attack the tourists Zakharov realized explode in the East. And send a letter to the Foreign Ministry and the Russian embassy in Cairo with a warning. January 14, riots broke out in Tunisia, then in Egypt.

— Remember, the birds began to die en masse in the world? — Explains Zakharov. — To me there and then came to television, and I said, somewhere will be social conflicts. A week later, riots broke out in Yemen, Bahrain, and a wave of Arab countries.

These examples, the author cites many. And if the relationship between the dead sardines and Hurricane comprehend somehow possible, the algorithm between shark attacks and social unrest — with difficulty. Zakharov explains, nature takes revenge for the people that they violate its energy harmony. The first signs of aggression are always certain events Harbinger: the death of fish, birds, sharks rabies, etc. Along the coast of Japan the same, he said, catching too many fish, destroyed a large number of whales. Bred giant jellyfish. Fishing economies began to suffer losses. Something was broken in the wild — the wave went back into the ocean. Land said the earthquake and tsunami.

Zakharov on the algorithm just calculates the days and times of crisis. With room harder: you need data from the organizations.

— Japan needs to hang on until March 25 — analysts predict. — Then things start to improve. That's only in June may still something to happen.


Deputy Chief (Emergency Prevention) of the Department of Civil Protection Northeast Regional Emergency Center Zapadnoo Colonel Valery Eisenberg:

— Yes, we received the documents from Alexander Zakharov. But in order to make a decision on possible cooperation is required to conduct some analysis with a particular reference to the place and time. This issue will be addressed in the near future.

Analyst Forecasts

What to expect in the near future

According to Zakharov, in May and June should be wary of China earthquake.

Not relax Pakistan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Peru and Chile.

For Russia, the Black Month — June: The possibility of a major flood in Siberia and Altai. Mining accidents. Plane crash. Next — forest fires, not as large as last year, but there will be many.

Pay attention to the Krasnodar region: there may be a tornado or tornadoes.

In St. Petersburg, will be an astronomical number of tick bites — more than ever before. Dramatically increase the number of accidents, more than ever, people drown or go missing.

Around the world in the summer — social conflicts revolution.

Helen Livesey

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