State would not help the victims of the forest fires

The state will no longer compensate citizens for the losses they suffered from wildfires. Now a bill in the Finance Ministry, which will remove the burden from the budget. Russians will encourage self-insure their property against natural disasters.

It is assumed that the document gets to the Duma in December 2011. The amendments require that the owners of the burning houses of the state will pay a certain minimum. The level of state guarantees is still not defined, it is known only that the reserves will be created in the event of disasters.

It is assumed that one who has lost all in a fire could count on the rent of social housing. But this help he can get only if you lost the only property that is suitable for living.

Lawmakers promise to increase the proportion of the insured dwelling. Now in Russia it is only 5%. As an incentive measure to encourage citizens to insure their property, are considered tax breaks. For example — the tax deduction for the amount of premium for the policy. However, this measure is considered only as an idea. In addition, experts say that the very insurance, and tax cuts are unlikely to be feasible in the villages, which are particularly affected by violence of the elements.

The idea of somehow get rid of the cost of emergency management officials have emerged in August last year. Then, in the heat of forest fires "burned" 450 billion, with much of the funds went to compensate the victims. However, this figure includes only direct costs and does not take into account the fall in industrial production, the reduction of grain yield and inflation.

According to MOE, the last year in Russia arose 30,4 thousand wildfires on an area of 1.25 million hectares. The fire burned thousands of homes were left without shelter more than 10 thousand people. As a result, the Ministry proposed to introduce compulsory fire insurance. However, in spring 2011 the Ministry of Finance rejected this bill, because we can not compel a citizen to defend his property, including through insurance. This approach would be contrary to the civil law.

Recall that in 2000 was abolished State Committee for Environmental Protection and transformed by the federal Forest Service. In 2006, introduced a new Forest Code, finally eliminated all state forestry and forest protection. Prior to this reform, fire safety in Russia provides 70,000 foresters and about 130,000 other forestry workers. Now the total population is about 12,000 people.

MOE is responsible only for fire protection of population and economy, and fighting forest fires could be seen prosecutors and other inspection bodies as misappropriation of funds. Responsibility for preventing and fighting forest fires now rests on the tenants and the regional authorities.

Regional authorities announce a competition among government agencies, and win their firms that ask for their work less money and therefore have a very modest resources. According to "Greenpeace" in 2010 to fight the fire region has been allocated 15% less money than in 2009 — only 2.2 billion rubles., That is to put out one hectare of forest left only $ 0.033. A tenant and does not oblige to put out fires.

Ekaterina Petrenko

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