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The Company's mutual exchange of recriminations and accusations between the Russian and Belarusian leaders continues, alienation and nastsyaroga in bilateral relations remain. This topic — One of the most important in the August-mail Freedom.

Nicholas Busel village of Dubrova Svetlahorsk area, from a letter which will start today's conversation, drew attention to the frequent remarks of President Lukashenko about the fact that Russia, they say, ignores the fact that Belarus has been and remains the assembly shop of Russian industrial enterprises. On this occasion, a listener writes:

"Needless to say, such an ignominious position for an independent state. On the other hand, since we — the assembly shop, what comes to us from other shops Pacei? What do we collect? My answer at once: the technological grandfather.

On the international klyacyfikatsyi, Russia politely referred to "countries that are developing" — takix as Bpazyliya or India. Obviously this — no engine technology. The other day China, which thirty years ago was much lower than the Russian Education i, i on the scientific potential, became the second country after the U.S. GDP. Over the past decade, China has learned i created a host of new advanced technologies. And in Russia for the last 20 years that has been created?

Of course, you can bind it together i z6ipats old toys, while the rest of the world to forget ix. But … In the middle of the XIX century, Japan was able to align technology with European countries, i became the first non-European country, which caused the military defeat of the European country — Pacei in 1904., What was of great importance for the future of Azii. Kitay then could not the same zpa6its i stayed until 1945 as a victim of foreign enemies, so i internal zavarushek. The Soviet Union (Russia) lost to West technologically i broke up 20 years ago — wrote in his letter to Nicholas Busel freedom. — Unfortunately, the Belarusian leaders either did not see the importance of radical economic and technological change, or believe they can live up to the death of i on the old Soviet inheritance. Or maybe do not know how to get on the path of technological re-upgrade. Price for the delay is high.

Kali power can not rouse herself, then rouse pavinna society. Limited resources in the world, i, ix snatch if China and the United States with Europe, where i for whom lyapitsmem toys in the "all-union" state?

Very much do not want to be padhvostsem in the country, which always evolving. Of course, it is possible to maintain the purity of the state police ideyalegii, conceited i Slavic Orthodoxy, hefty feed horn, but it can not create a society of mass consumption.

And more. Those who studied under the communists' Slavic Marxism-Leninism, "knows the classic dictum that" the era differ from each other not what is produced, and how produced, "that is — just technology. "

Is it possible to Belarus today still call assembly plant Russia — the big question, Mr. Nicholas. The fact that modern technologies are not in Moscow and Tambov — not a secret. It's twenty years ago, Minsk television factory "Horizon" was getting electronics with pavolskih and Ural radio factory, and many Belarusian factories are sewn boots on production lines made in Leningrad and Sverdlovsk. Try it today to find "Horizon" electronic stuffing in Russia. Everywhere — "Made and n China, Korea or Japan". It is the same with the shoes, and the food industry, and clothing, and household appliances — virtually any consumer goods. And it is not because the leaders of these companies do not want to cooperate with Russian suppliers. Just "Horizon" with the Russian kinescope not sell even in Russia. However, the picture tubes produced in Russia is probably already gone — all the factories have gone bankrupt.

It could be argued that in the big machine — the situation is different. Yes, there are technological updating more slowly. But the trend is the same everywhere: the same MAZ increasingly puts on the German truck engines, not of Russian origin.

A topic that interests many of our listeners — the family life of the President of Belarus, the first lady of uncertain status, zakonnanarozhanyya and illegitimate children Belarusian leader. Such are the arguments on this score is divided in a letter to freedom Constantine Syrel of Ushacha (I quote from a letter):

"Could not decide to move this delicate subject. Sociologists once made a portrait of the average voter who voted for Lukashenko. Turned out: it is a village woman with primary or incomplete secondary education, a pensioner. Then I have asked myself this question: Why, why for G. vote predominantly women? answer came soon, he was lying on the surface. But I hesitated to share my findings with the Freedom …

And now — done! Woman gave the green light to transfer it Maksimyuk "Jingle Bells" on August 2. She commented call another listener who claimed that all Belarusian women in the upcoming elections to vote for Lukashenko. That's exactly what she said listener, which did not name itself (give in the original):

"Pro-universal love for Lukashenko Belarusian women lady, of course, turned down. Agree that our demographic imbalances and Lean dismal living standards of many Belarusians awaken in them an irrational love. Belarusian" Father "with razabrats huge fists, the way" poke "to all mercilessness to a different view and side Belarusians children perceive as the dominant male personality. Here instinct screams and smarter asleep.'s all the love. "(End of citation).

Well, if so, then I too will express this point of view, has long wanted — wrote in his letter to freedom of Constantine Syrel Ushacha. — Of course, the whole thing in the nature of a woman in her psychology. The woman — the successor family, she subconsciously tries to choose a strong male, who will be able to give a healthy offspring and protect him from danger. There is nothing reprehensible, so ordered nature, and man — part of it. I slightly disagree with the mistress, who believes "love" to G. irrational — no, she's just a very rational. From the viewpoint of females far. Here and spotted Madam huge fists, and not seen her chic mustache, and rollerblading out how deftly rides, and most importantly — the girls, he's free! Wife, he had no visible! That's completely subconscious and fires, or, as said Ms. instinct.

Fortunately, not all women sink to fists with a mustache — that's the same is intelektualki as she or Madam Tina, who also frequently calls for freedom. Call us, dear, I'm happy to listen to you! ".

In Belarus in early this year for every thousand marriages had 570 divorces. And in addition to this, the average life expectancy of women in Belarus in cities — 11, and in the villages — 14 years longer than men. A lone woman left in Belarus — indeed, most electoral strength.

Although still relatively new, everything was different. I've been asked about the statistics of the past decades. It turns out that, for example, in 1950, in a rural area on the territory of Belarus did not break up any marriage! Today, it seems almost inconceivable.

We continue to receive feedback on their programs. Many letters from our many years of loyal friends, for whom freedom — a significant and important part of their daily lives. Some of them are turning to the substantive comments and claims to address our radio. Here he writes, for example, Vladimir Lugovtsov from Minsk:

"I decided to write, though well aware that the creators of today's programs can have an opinion listener. But … At six o'clock in the even
ing and again the receiver tune, remembering the words and the voice of Vasily Vladimirovich. But what's next? Very brief news (which was also that said Liabedzka that said Milinkevich, news from the life of the so-called "parties"). And not a word about the peculiarities of flight military aircraft SU-24 on parade in Minsk or on high-profile criminal case of Rom. then — Analyst What said Lukashenko and how it must be understood. Moreover, Klaskouski, Fyaduta and other political scientists, analysts cite the president more than the official broadcast.

For whom is this news and analytics? Are you really think that today's Belarus is populated only by former rural advocates, retiree, but the former cook-cleaners with their pride in the fact that the time to three jobs and inescapable dream to become the president and shoot someone they like?

When the news on Freedom Day, the day of Chernobyl Way and Victory Day was no place for information on how their members said the Conservative Christian Party BPF here and abroad, what is this news? So, what do you say — true, but — not the whole truth ".

Assume, Mr. Vladimir, that is not always time to our correspondents and not about all the important and interesting, we promptly inform the air. While it is trying to keep up. Regarding the coverage of various political and social events, here to please fans of the various parties is extremely difficult. And when covering such shares do not focus on the desire and whim activists of these parties, and above all on the social significance of such events, how many people they have collected, which caused a stir in the community.

At the end — a letter from another of our long-standing listener — Natalia Slavinskogo from the village Lipnishki Ivie district. She writes:

"We as a family love to listen to you — especially in the evenings, when the village more free time. It is possible to think, reflect, or even argue. Transmission We love your stories, news, traveling with Mr. Bartosik, ABC.'s Also interesting to listen to your polls," Jingle Bells "listen to what concerns our caring citizens. Yet we loved quiz. So we appeared interesting books, cassette recordings Danchika. It is unfortunate that the quiz is not available. Perhaps you moved it to another time?".

For your kind words, Ms. Natalia, thank you. As for the various quizzes and competitions, then watch our programs. In a short time this fall, we're going to announce the next competition among those of our listeners who are able to handle the camera.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write to freedom. Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, one hundred and eleventh Mailbox

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