STEALTH CIA: So much for the UFO …

Finally, it was reported that the staff of U.S. national security during the "Cold War" systematically deceived the public reports of the so-called UFOs — came to this conclusion after proper CIA study.

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The report of the CIA says that most reports of unidentified flying objects during the 50's — 60's were designed to hide the existence of super secret spy planes the United States U-2 and SR-71 (better known as "Blekbchd"). Aircraft designed for aerial photography of enemy targets from a great height. The military leadership has decided that it is better to write fake fable about aliens than reveal the secret U-2 and the "Blekbchda." The report said the CIA, like the trick though, and was justified, but it did not contribute to the maintenance of a stable social and political situation in the country.

The full study, then in the author grew into an article entitled "The role of the CIA in the study of UFOs from 1947 to 1990", conducted by Gerald Haines. This historian, works in one of the departments of the Pentagon. To calm the agitated people flying spy planes were explained as a kind of atmospheric phenomena such as ice or crystallization temperature difference. Early models of the U-2 was painted in silver color and, of course, sparkled in the sunlight. Surprised by the audience mistook them for flying saucers. Then, as well as "Blekbchd", U-2 repainted black. According to Haynes, the huge number of UFO reports that are registered in July 1952, not a little alarmed by the administration of U.S. President Harry Truman. In response, the CIA had set up a special research team, which included Tauss and Edward, the then Head of the Department of Scientific Intelligence. Taking into account the interests of national security and the likelihood of panic among the population in the event of the publication of the truth, Tauss and his team chose to still support the version of the alien.

In a joint statement, representatives of the Air Force and the CIA, made in August 1997, once again highlights the usefulness of the so-called "UFO tactics" in the 50's — 60's in the interests of national security. "We often resort to using" alien forces "for the classification of critical military programs", — the press-secretary of the U.S. Air Force.

Article Haynes — not the first study conducting a parallel between the American military activities and the appearance of unidentified flying objects. In June this year, the U.S. Air Force officially reported that the so-called UFO debris found near Roswell (New Mexico) in 1947, there were no more than "the remains of the" top-secret military balloon with which to observe the Soviet nuclear tests. The aliens are well seen by local residents were more likely mannequins. They later were tested parachutes intended for the bailout from a great height.

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