Such scandals involving the neighboring countries of Belarus will be more

With Grodno prison released Lithuanian police Laimonas Bankauskas, who was detained on August 16, accusing the trafficking of drugs. Observers do not rule out that this story has to do with the recent sex scandal Estonian diplomat.

Lithuanian media with reference to the representative of the Belarusian KGB Alexander Antonovich, "The case was transferred Bankauskasa Republican Prosecutor's Office of Belarus, which will decide on the future of the case."

So drove Laimonas Bankauskas drugs or not, whether there is judicial perspective in the case, which is now in the Prosecutor's Office of Belarus? Alexander Antonovich declined to comment on the topic of "Freedom." Silent against her and the prosecutor's office.

Where is Laimonas Bankauskas? The consulate of Lithuania in Grodno reported that the Vilnius police spent the night at the consulate and the morning of August 26, left.

"Where did he go, we do not know. He's a free man and can go wherever you go," — said the consulate. Comments about Laimonas Bankauskas as to what happened to him in recent days, the consulate informed on.

Lithuanian media report that Laimonas Bankauskasa Minsk is living his mother-in-law and his wife's relatives, but more than likely that soon the Lithuanian police returned to Lithuania, where he was no longer there. Contact Mr. Bankauskasom, or with his Belarusian relatives failed.

Release "without conditions" the man previously suspected of drug trafficking, a former KGB officer, a retired lieutenant colonel Valery Kostka explain the political reasons.

In this case, Valery Bone believes that the arrest and Bankauskasa gave rise to the events in politics. Former KGB officer linked the story with the recent scandal of an Estonian diplomat Harry Lahtejn, who resigned after some girl from Minsk accused him of sexual harassment.

Here's what version of occurrence of these scandals, according to Valery Bones"Russian intelligence agencies are doing their best to spoil the relations between Belarus and other countries. Who first? Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine. Indeed, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine is Venezuelan oil to Belarus transports, and so they have to hold down the to sit here on a starvation diet. Because, I think all the scandals surrounding the diplomats and officials, especially the European Union, which will take place in conjunction with Belarus will be political in nature. For example, what is the problem that the Estonian diplomat met with the girl? All normal men meet with the girls — and nothing else. Therefore, there is clearly a political context. "

According to the second version, which appears on the Internet, Lithuanian police in Ashmyany corrupt Belarusian customs officers detained because he did not "share" the proceeds of smuggling. But there was an incident — Lithuanian was the "siloviki", and the case became public.

As for the publicity, the Lithuanian media noted that in Belarus, including in the state media, the story was covered widely and rapidly. Including covered and the time that the deal quickly intervened power. "The president hopes that the Belarusian leadership, understanding the situation, will provide a prompt and impartial investigation," — said immediately after his arrest Bankauskasa 19th August adviser Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite. Less than a week later detained by Lithuanian police released.

August 16 Head Mounted Police Company of Vilnius Laimonas Bankauskas was arrested on Oshmyany going Belarusian-Lithuanian border. In the car police Belarusian customs officers found 45 grams of synthetic drug amphetamine. Laimonas Bankauskas accessory drugs, and said that they had been planted. Arrest Bankauskasa continued first for 10 days, then up to 2 months. Lithuanian contained in the detention center in Grodno, his case involved the local KGB.


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