Swept the world natural disasters

Tornadoes in the U.S. state of Missouri has claimed 89 lives. Forecasters are not encouraging — the season of tornadoes in the United States is not over. And again focused the attention of Europeans to the eruption of a volcano in Iceland — it woke Grimsvotn. Meteorologists are at a loss: a volcanic cloud will cover the Old World, as it was last year, when, because of ash in the atmosphere to stop flights over Europe. Disasters and Russia — there are burning Siberian forests. On the natural disasters in the world — the material Galina Skibnevskoy.

Column of smoke above the volcano Grimsvotn is 12 miles high. So it looks like from the air. But what happens on earth, ash covered area radius of 150 kilometers, the air was gray fog, people have to wear masks. While meteorologists claim: last year's situation, when the eruption of another Icelandic volcano has been paralyzed for over a week, almost all air traffic in Europe will not be repeated. But it is already partially closed its airspace in Greenland and Norway. After 48 hours, the ash cloud could reach the continent.

Brian Flynn, a representative of the Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation "EUROCONTROL":

— Now the wind blows volcanic dust in the north-east Iceland. But the wind is expected to change, and there is a risk that the cloud really will carry towards continental Europe. It may be over the north-western regions of Scandinavia and the British Isles. But to say exactly what will happen, is difficult.

In the U.S. state of Missouri declared a state of emergency because of the tornado. In Joplin tornado killed 89 people. On these shots tornado just gets to the city of his appearance sirens warned for 20 minutes. Whirlwind went right through residential neighborhoods, leaving a swath of destruction 10 miles long. Saved only by those who managed to reach the basement.

Mark Rohr, Joplin's city manager:

— Tornado destroyed Joplin private sector, as well as the shopping area of the city. Many homes were completely destroyed. The main task now — to find people under the rubble. Rescue operation continues around the clock.

In eastern Russia raging forest fires. Fire covered more than a hundred thousand acres — more than last year during the abnormally hot summer. Until the fire is threatening human settlements. Main cause of fires — careless handling of fire, rescue workers said.

Victor Chikalyuk, Deputy Head of the Federal Forestry Agency:

— Untimely detection systems has led to such a large fire. And now required tremendous effort and people, and the means to normalize the situation.

The situation is — in Yakutia, the Krasnodar Territory and the Amur region. In the central regions of Russia are afraid of fire peat.

Galina Skibnevskaya, "Details". TV channel "Inter"

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