Tell the Truth campaign back to life Orsha Gazette

With the support of the public campaign, in Orsha after a long hiatus began publishing regional newsletter, which is issued Orsha activists.

According to the activist Ales Shutova, "Orsha messenger" will continue to cover the news of the democratic life of the region, including and activities of the campaign "Tell the Truth. "Two months bulletin did not go out because of lack of funds, but now the people of the city will see next, we are number 47 edition.

"Orsha messenger", as before, has a circulation of 299 copies. This is an unregistered edition, local activists tried to officially register since 2006 year. The founders say they took the name of a newsletter as a heritage: the first newspaper "Orsha Gazette" was published in 1914, the year and was characterized by progressive the time views.


'Tell the Truth"" Orsha herald "

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