Tender for the supply of Russian Ministry of Defense of six amphibious aircraft Be-200ES

After the failure of the use of the Tu-214 as a platform for maritime patrol aircraft, the Defense Department shifted its focus to a more advanced version of a Be-200ES.

The site of the Russian Federation obyavleno procurement of the tender for the purchase of six Russian Defense Ministry amphibian aircraft Be-200ES. For new aircraft the agency intends to pay no more than 8.4 billion rubles. Under the terms of the tender, the winner will have until the end of 2016 put the aircraft, troops 49371 and 62250-2 in Yeisk Krasnodar and Artem Primorye, respectively. 

And if two of these aircraft it is certainly in fireproof version, the other functions without fire.
According to the initial agreement in September 2012, the Taganrog Aviation Scientific and Production Complex named after Beriev producing Be-200 and the Ministry of Defence of Russia signed a preliminary agreement for the supply of eight amphibious aircraft: two standard versions, the four functions without fire, and two — for special Russian naval task. The potential value of the transaction was estimated at 14 billion rubles.

As can be seen from the tender, the order was cut by two planes, but the revival of the Navy amphibious very positive news.

Order number 0173100000813000404

Method of placing the order Open auction in the electronic form
Electronic auction is held on an electronic site at the following address http://www.sberbank-ast.ru
Placing an order shall Customer
Customer INN 7714739262 KPP 770401001
Short name auction Delivery of amphibians such as the Be-200ES for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.
Full name of the auction (subject to contract) Delivery of amphibians such as the Be-200ES for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.
The initial (maximum) contract price 8408100 000,00 Russian Rouble
Classification of goods and services
160 Air Transportation
3531020 Aircraft [3531200] — [3531310]
  Number of delivered goods, the volume of work performed, services in the amount of six (6) pieces, including: amphibious aircraft Be-200ES in the amount of two (2) pieces of amphibian aircraft Be-200ES (without fire) in the amount of four (4) pieces.

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