Termination of La Niña could affect the flow in the atmosphere

Deviation of the sea level (image NASA) of the mean. The range of possible deviations from the mean ± 220 mm. Green — the lower brown — above normal

According to climatologists, meteorologist Russia, in October 2011, the average surface temperature anomaly in the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans has increased by 0.1 º C and is respectively 0.3 º C and 0.5? C In the eastern Pacific equatorial latitudes begin to form the conditions that may lead to a new La Niña. This is surprising, since Southern Oscillation cold phase was completed last spring and after the neutral phase usually comes warm episode — El Nino. Resumption of La Niña, after a short neutral phase, called "ragged La Niña", for the last 60 years have seen only once in 2008-2009. Then, after the La Niña in May 2008 it was back in December and continued for the entire winter of 2008-09. There may be a failure in the Southern Oscillation cycles change or we are seeing some new redistribution of the general circulation of the atmosphere. Remain abnormally warm Gulf Stream and the Kuroshio.

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