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Seven food rules

Rule number 1. Eat acid and starch at different times.

This means: Carbohydrate foods (bread, potatoes, peas, beans, bananas, dates, etc.) can not be eaten with lemon, orange, grapefruit, pineapple and other acidic fruits, as well as tomatoes.

Rule number 2. Eat protein and carbohydrates at different times.

It means: cereals, bread, potatoes, pasta, you can not eat with the meat, eggs, cheese, nuts.

Rule number three. Eat only one concentrated protein foods at one time.

It means: in one meal should not include nuts, meat, or eggs, and meat or cheese and meat, or cheese and eggs. To acquire a particular protein product requires different conditions in the stomach in qualitative and quantitative terms. For example, eggs otherwise require time to discharge juice than meat or milk. That is steak and eggs is not the best dining option. It is better to eat a steak today, and tomorrow — eggs.

Rule number 4. Eat acids and proteins at different times.

It means: oranges, lemons, tomatoes can not be eaten with meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts.

Rule number 5. Eat fats and proteins at different times.

It means: it is not necessary to combine butter and oil with meat, eggs, cheese, nuts and other proteins.

Rule number 6. Eat starches and sugars at different times.

This means: Do not add jellies, jams, fruit preserves, any sugar (white or cane sugar, fruit or milk), honey and syrups in cakes, bread, biscuits, cereals and potatoes.

Rule number 7. There with nothing incongruous products: milk, watermelon and cantaloupe.

It means: three of these products are best eaten separately. However, Shelton admits that he can not give the exact physiological rationale for this rule.

When you look at the "rules of Shelton's" it seems that his whole system consists of prohibitions. However, nutritionist and assumptions provided. The unfortunate combination of foods you can find an acceptable substitute — enough to cope with the table of product compatibility.

Seven Rules meal

Separate power supply, or the "method of Shelton," and involves special rules meal.

Rule number 1. Do not be drunk with food.

This is very important, and the adherents of the separate power supply should this rule be followed. Shelton was against the use of tea or coffee, believing that they stimulate the appetite and thus contribute to overeating. Sam nutritionist all beverages preferred water — not too chilled, but not heated. Shelton Studies have shown that the water goes from the stomach within 10 minutes after administration. If the liquid to wash down the food, the latter will carry out most of the body's digestive juice diluted. This will weaken the digestive process. In addition, a person "wash down" their breakfast, lunch or dinner rather than to chew the food and wet with saliva, swallowing the food moist and poluperezhevannoy, and therefore not treated with digestive enzymes.

Thus, according to Shelton, should drink 10-15 minutes before a meal, 30 minutes after ingestion of fruits, 2 hours after the starchy food and 4 hours after the protein.

Rule number 2. Chew food thoroughly. Completely chewed food directly exposed to digestive juices, while quickly swallowed pieces require much more time to digest. Chewing and promotes rapid feeling of fullness.

Rule number three. Use only lean meat. Do not eat meats and fatty meats.

Rule number 4. Meat, poultry and fish should be steamed, boiled, stew or roast on the grill. Cook at once — do not reheat food.

Rule number 5. Eat more often. By Shelton, interval between doses of protein and carbohydrate should be 2:00. This means that instead of the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can afford to have a snack every 2 hours.

Rule number 6. Reduce consumption of salt, pepper and other spices and seasonings. Shelton advised to opt out of spices. It is believed that they are useless and not needed by the body distort the sense of taste, inhibit food intake and promote overeating.

Rule number 7. Do not force yourself to eat. Do not eat in case of complaints. Do not eat if you have a serious work.

Some of the findings

"Nature does not make sandwiches" — says Shelton. The combination of chops and potatoes, according to a nutritionist, is unacceptable, the sausage has no place on a piece of bread, and roasted brisket with buckwheat equal to the crime. There need only simple, natural food prepared in such a way that the genuine taste of the product was not "scored" an abundance of spices. Man eats less, at a time when only uses one type of food. The variety of food on the table, from which literally dazzled, according to Shelton — impulse to overeat. Dr. Herbert Shelton stuck developed his system of food combining all his life, and he lived for nearly 100 years.

It was Shelton's and have a lot of followers. I would like to quote the words of one of them, an Englishman Leslie Powell. He claimed: "Recipes for one penny a dozen, and most of them cause of literate people in matters of food feeling of anxiety: are they so often contrary to nature, exquisite artifice, providing a culinary acts of sabotage, leading to digestive disorders. Usually, it is found that the most healthy recipes — they are also the most simple. We often do from food unnecessarily complicated matter, without achieving this and a great epicurean delight. "

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