Thailand expects the new impact of elements

The death toll from floods in Thailand reached 442 people on Friday, and two more are missing. Floods continue to present in 25 of 76 provinces, including Bangkok. The next peak tide available on November 13.

As reported by the Department for the Prevention of natural disasters of the kingdom, on July 5, when the north of Thailand hit tropical storm Nock-ten, natural disasters have affected 63 provinces of Thailand. To date, the water went down in 38 provinces, and there started the restoration work.

Since July, the impact of elements in the kingdom suffered more than 3 million people, about 800,000 of them sought medical treatment. Nearly 150,000 people were left homeless. Flooded about 15,000 enterprises, large agricultural fields. Amount of damage, according to various estimates, up to 10 to 16 billion dollars.

In Bangkok, at the moment the water from the north of the city goes to the center. In the flooded area Lax north of the capital who escaped from the kennel crocodile attacked the resident, who was hiding from the flood at his home. He was injured and was sent to the hospital, where he was stitched. Remain flooded western areas of the city. Water drains through the currently continues flooding the Thonburi district on the west bank of the river Chaopraya. The city closed 47 highways and avenues because of flooding. According to authorities, the water is now one-fifth of the city. The overall situation in Bangkok remains tense. In the capital of the Kingdom of lack of drinking water and food. The authorities are currently doing their best to pump huge amounts of water from the western, northern and north-eastern parts of the capital.

The next peak of the tide in the Gulf is expected on November 13. For 10 days the authorities need to evacuate from the city to the sea 5.5 billion cubic meters of water. If they fail, the flood situation in Bangkok may worsen even more, according to ITAR-TASS.

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