The average salary of 500 dollars? Do not believe it!


Girl"I do not believe it as it is necessary for the real conditions of such measures. Current earnings is very small and that in such a short space of time to catch something, that's not possible. Unfortunately, I'm negative."

Man: "It will be, as always — to guide salary will be 10-12 million, workers — 1, and the average salary — 5000000".

Young Man: "We have to raise wages. But at the same time, if you raise, the more expensive life at times as to what promise. Therefore, even if they do, and that is unlikely, it may be better to live still will not."

Woman: "I would like to have the money, but so far, nothing indicates the possibility of receiving them. We have very low prices — on my service in particular. We have no income to get that kind of money. But everything becomes more expensive in the shops, services become more expensive therefore it is necessary that something happened. "

Reporter: "The government has promised that by the end of the year the average salary in Belarus is 500 dollars. How do you feel about that? "

Girl: "To tell the truth, something I do not really believe in what salary can be $ 500. Indeed, long ago promised to raise wages, but now there is no Lumina."

Young Man: "Very nice and quite possible. When the government has set itself the goal. And that goal is doable."

Woman: "I have heard and know about it, but I do not believe. Such growth does not overpower our state."

Woman: "If a declarative way to say that we will have such a salary, then we always do. Indeed, to pay a salary, there must be a return. On average, perhaps, so be it — $ 500: Someone will receive thousands at one and a half, and someone on the 300. I do not think everyone will lift. production I know and I know that it will not be so easy to do. "



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