The building of the New Life looking for food

The morning of August 24 near the building of the church "New Life" appeared pravdstavniki various departments.

Dozens of believers gathered at the building, demanded that the men in uniform explanation. It turned out that they were representatives of the Ministry of Emergency regulations, tax inspection, sanitary and epidemiological stations and the police.

All these bodies allegedly received information that in the church building trade in foodstuffs. Believers called it absurd and none of the representatives of these agencies in the temple was not allowed.

The faithful of the church believe that the representatives of the authorities ordered the destruction of the church building to put an end to the long conflict between the believers and the authorities.

Representatives of the "New Life" lost a few litigation, and now they have to pay large fines. According to the court decision, the faithful need to remove from the premises of the church and it can happen at any time during the month.

August 14 came into effect the decision of the Economic Court of Minsk to recover from Minsk church "New Life" 249 million rubles in compensation for environmental damage.

July 29 Commercial Court declared capital of the church "New Life" Religious communities Association of Full Gospel Christians in Republic of Belarus guilty of causing damage to the environment — pollution of the territory of the Church of petroleum products.

Commenting on the decision of the court immediately after its announcement, the lawyer of the church Sergei Lukanin said that the representatives of the "New Life" plead not guilty, as the samples to check the pollution of land were selected employees of the urban environmental agency without inviting interested parties. "We can not be sure that this is a sample of land from the church, and that they exceeded the rate of pollution", — said the lawyer.

The conflict between the authorities in Minsk and "New Life" continues for 5 years.

Believers are suing the government from 2005, when they took the land and building (a former collective farm barn on the outskirts of Minsk). They held a hunger strike and were negotiating with the authorities. The authorities promised to resolve the issue of believers is positive, but after 2 years of faithful lost the courts in all positions.

Believers say that the authorities moved for economic sanctions to destroy unwanted Protestant community.


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