The Canaries expected strong earthquake

The Canaries expected strong earthquakeEl Hierro Island, referring to the Canary Islands, situated in the south-west of Tenerife, plunged into a state of "yellow level" alarm — at the request of seismologists at it day by day fall a powerful earthquake, which is likely to be followed by another, and the eruption volcano. Thousands of local residents and tourists have already prepared for the emergency evacuation of the area of possible disasters, the website citing

The National Geographic Institute of the Canary Islands to warn of the approach of the earthquake started from the end of the second decade of July — that's when the island of El Hierro began the first series of aftershocks (to date they have already registered more than eight hundred thousand), and later were reported even some minor earthquakes forces (1-3 points). Scientists say the increasing frequency and intensity of tremors indicate that the surface of the earth rushed powerful flow of magma, which should in the coming days to have an effect.

The volcano on the island of El Hierro, erupted for the last time more than two hundred years ago — when the hot lava flooded almost the entire island. On the possible effect of the current eruption that scientists still silent.

National Geographic Institute of the Canary Islands in Spain issued a warning, according to which, in the next few days there may occur a strong earthquake and the eruption of a local volcano El Herro.

On July 19 this year on the island of El Herro scientists recorded more than 8,000 aftershocks and several small earthquakes. All this, according to the director of the Institute Jose Blanco, is evidence of future eruptions and earthquakes.

The island of El Herro, or, as it is called, El Hierro, is the "youngest" of the island archipelago. On it is a big volcano and 250 craters.

The last eruption of the volcano El Herro occurred in 1973 and lasted more than a month. Then almost the entire island was covered by lava.

El Herro authorities are preparing to evacuate tourists and locals. Throughout the island has a "yellow" alert level that indicates a high risk of going on in the bowels of the earth processes.

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