The climate is destroying the North Sea




Strange things are happening in the North Sea. Herds of acne shrinking faster than if it was only in intensive catch and Mediterranean species like red mullet migrate north. Suffer several species of sea birds. Mayday meetings strength decreases rapidly, and guillemots are struggling. Earlier this summer, hundreds of dead fulmars (relatives of albatrosses) were washed ashore in Norfolk — they seem to have died from lack of food.

Scientists suspect that these events are related, and are trying to figure out how. While they can not say anything definite, but some believe that the reason for changes in the plankton of the North Sea. Moreover, they see the reason for global warming.

Phyto-and zooplankton form the basis of the ocean food chain. However, the past 20 years, these small organisms survive in the North Sea on hard times. Due to the rise in temperatures around the world, cold-hardy species disappear, and in their place come more heat-loving — from the 90s is a change on the ecosystem of the North Sea is characteristic of warm waters. All cold-hardy species of plankton are moving further north, and in their place come subtropical species. The disappearance of some species, blooming in the early spring, causing changes in the following links of the food chain. The fact is that many small animals live at the expense of the spring bloom — a scaled down to him even while their birth. Now, when these changes occur, they are dying. He suffers from zooplankton that feeds fitoplaktonom, because of the decline of zooplankton suffer smaller fish that feed on zooplankton, then the larger fish that feed on small and the birds that eat fish.

Martin Edwards and Sarah Uenless of Nerc Centre for Ecology and Hydrology were able to show that the population of northern fulmars rapidly shrinking — but as long as they do not know what is causing this decline. Now they're trying to compare the changes in the populations of phytoplankton and birds — to see how this relationship actually works.


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