The country is on his knees


"Get up and free yourself look the way!"

Collectively we are on our knees for a long time, not just tired, we have forgotten about the normal state, we do not remember — how does it feel joy and pride for their country, for their "country-branachku", which the poet once called — "Arise, free Seek the path itself "What else to say, if during the time of existence we have become too low of less than ten million and this figure, we were proud, we were never, perhaps, did not achieve.

Look back: the republic with the name "Belarus" there is nineteen years old. So much time was devoted to the history of the once in a break between the two great wars of the neighboring Baltic countries or the Polish authorities in the western part of the Belarusian lands. And letuviskasts, Polishness become ineradicable. And what do we have after "our" age of nineteen? Humiliated, spat upon feelings Belarusian patriots and brainwashed by the TV to an incredible degree of power of the mind obedient population that believes today that dirty — it's clean, without hesitation, and tomorrow to change his mind — as she says, a TV, a "long head". And she, by the way, sometimes resembles the character "Tuteyshyh" who "thought one says to the other, making a third."

Tales for Belarusians

We listened to endless stories about what Belarusians not exist in nature, have been, but suddenly ceased to exist, because it took so power. She explained to us categorically that we — not the Belarusians, and — Russian, because with them, "we are — one people." Even the nearby President Putin then went under hypnosis, started chanting, "We — one people and have one language." Well, you will agree: once Belarusians — is Russian, it means it is no Belarusians, we are with you. It's hard to get used to such razdvaennya mind, but it forced us directive. The hypocrisy could not offend us, but how to cope when the stigma of "one language" meant not an empty sound, and — the continuation of destruction in Belarus and whiteRussian language-Russian betting, neparavnavcha stronger than her.

It was awkward to hear more next "news" that the Belarusians are not just Belarusians, they — "Russian with quality." Where public institutions such trained? How do we respond to it is "extravagant" opinion about us, the descendants of Skoriny Gusovskogo Kupala Bryl, Bykov, Karatkevich, Tank? This was sound like to guess, "showing off" and not just sound stupid, insulting, and at the same time and of ourselves and our fellow Russians, because they — read — worse flawed. The same should be able to so!


Everyone knows, twenty years ago, Belarus adopted a declaration of sovereignty, and a year later became truly independent. Today, brothers of Ukraine celebrate their independence day, Belarusians as it is now does not apply. The aim of the authorities was stlumits desire for independence, the joy of her characters — the coat of arms "race" and the white-red-white flag. The same should be able to: cancel the date, back in the hands of the communist Kleynoty to extinguish freedom aspirations! We like potatoes and cucumbers, but why fry cucumbers and salt potatoes, why mix different things: the Day of the Republic of Belarus, say, a day Rudobelskoy?

I read today: the Finns finally Stalin rallied his winter war, they were able to protect themselves from the big neighbor, and it was then that "actually was born the modern Finnish nation." From the sublime to the ridiculous one step, as you know. Tomorrow will write, that the Belarusian Tempered nation in oil and gas dispute with neighboring Russia, from which extorted blackmail yourself discounts. They say that people "only" language "is the same" state "total." But only exposed the goal of "union on paper," Russia and Belarus: raskashelits Big Brother it was necessary to strengthen the power indefinitely.

Endless voyages in the "white stone" caused once a sense of wonder: from the Belarusians did freeloaders, and they do not understand, do not feel, do not realize that. Freeloaders, obsessed with vytsyganit more neighbors who are themselves in gold does not bathe. Well: dodgers pay twice as misers. We remain slavishly people as the country on their knees and pray to God the Kremlin … Contrived how far you see? The prospect of a European would seem the end of the world. And God, as we now explain, was a forgery. What's next?


Belarusians tamed as a pet that does not have their own thoughts. It was necessary yesterday sculpt of Russian sugar myadovich and vilify the "nationalists" for disparaging "Muscovites" man in the street has been configured accordingly. It took Russia out of making a barrel of tar and obedient mass surpassed the "nationalists". What we hear from the people of the street today? He hated Russia, which is unreliable, ugly, which wants to devour our "sovereign republic," which leads the war against her seasonal — gas-oil, sugar and so on.

Come familiar Grodno, temporarily residing in Russia, the son in tears, An uncle in the street, seeing the number of their car, called him a nepryazzyu — "ru-uski." In Moscow, however, have a dislike of "call Belarusians". On the street I hear from two gentlemen who under sixty years old, which scorn as neighbors, "rasiyakami." Arrived! No, to Europe, to a decent existence we clearly far, the experiment of Belarusians has not yet ended. With Europe's knees are not visible.

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