The Crimea is open for weather radar

Meteorological radar system METEOR 635S opened Friday in Simferopol on the premises "Krymaeroruh", the press service of the Council of Ministers of Crimea.

Before opening the facility President of the Council of Crimea Anatoly Mogilev acquainted with the business, visiting air traffic control.

At the opening ceremony the head of the Crimean government noted the strategic importance of that object to the Crimea, which will not only ensure the safety of the southern part of Ukraine, but also increase the tourism appeal of the Crimean peninsula.

"This is another plus for the region, because it provides safety in almost the entire southern part of Ukraine, increasing the appeal of the Crimea, and also allows you to increase the flow of tourists," — said Mogilev.

In turn, the director general of the State Enterprise "UkSATSE" Yuriy Cherednichenko said radar locator to predict and detect hazardous weather events, ranging from changes in wind speed and finishing with thunderstorms, within a radius of 300 kilometers. "How far we have information, depends on how our state will take appropriate and prompt action to prevent global disasters. Therefore, this technical device is very necessary and aircraft, and the whole Crimea", — he stressed.

Project to build a meteorological radar locator has been implemented during the year. Its total cost was about 13-14 million hryvnia (1.6-1.7 million).

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