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For many women suffering doom themselves for the sake of beauty. But patience, as we know, is coming to an end. What is really there and heelspumps, if the "pit" ugly bulges, making the foot wider and, in the truest sense of the word, does not take a single step. The reason for such a deformity — a cross- flatfoot.

What's going on?

Our foot is composed of many bones, joints joints, ligaments and tendons. Ideally, the metatarsal bones (which are attached to the phalanges of the toes) should be parallel, and keep them open chords. In practice, most often bone diverge fanwise that only acceptable up to a certain limit.

When the discrepancy metatarsals over the top, the following happens: the first metatarsal bone, to which is attached a thumb, strongly deviates from the rest of the muscles and pull your feet redistributed. Tendon that runs along, following the departure of the metatarsal bone changes direction and starts to pull your finger out. Such a deviation of the big toe doctors call hallux valgus. As a result, bulges outwardly displaced and head metatarsal bone. Since shoes are constantly in contact with this place, there is grated, then the joint is inflamed. As a result, develops osteochondral sprawl, which is popularly called the "bone".


Most cross flatfoot caused by a hereditary weakness musculo-ligamentous apparatus. And the inheritance is through the female line. In men, this type of flatfoot occurs less frequently — mostly as a result of the injury. The ratio of female patients and men — 8:2. Compounding the matter, "standing" work (during the day is the load on the forefoot), uncomfortable shoes.

Treatment and prevention

Many are hoping for miraculous arch support, which redistributes the load on the foot. However, a disadvantage instep that it softens only symptoms, without eliminating the cause. How can strengthen your muscles?

In the case of longitudinal flat (when the foot of a steep roof and no legs get tired very quickly) the result achieved to strengthen the muscles of the foot and lower leg with gymnastics. Unfortunately, the situation is different transverse flatfoot. Managed muscles responsible for the development of the disease, very little. However strengthening exercises are useful. If you combine exercises for the legs (feet turning left, right, up, down, circular motion) with daily warm bath and foot massage, the growth of high-handed "bones" can be permanently suspended.

Popular and this recipe: put on "pit" of the grid10 percent iodine solution. It really helps to reduce inflammation and thereby stops the growth of cartilage. Just do not use a more concentrated solution of iodine, otherwise you may get burned skin. The same applies to compress with vinegar essence — unfortunately to no good, they do not lead.

Today comes a lot of ointments, reduce inflammation of the joints and improve the nutrition of tissues. But it is better if the ointment pick an orthopedic specialist.

For both forms of flat helpful to wear shoes on a low heel (up to four centimeters). During the day, it is also recommended to change shoes. Staying at work in Boots uncomfortable and harmful. Always keep replacing a convenient "breathable" shoes.

If the cartilage, accrued on the head of the metatarsal bone, transformed into bone, "bone" declares itself the constant pain. There is nothing but surgery will not help.

Surgeons have long waged search techniques for correction of the foot. Today, there are no less than three hundred. The essence of the most common technologies are: Surgeon "reshapes" the entire forefoot — removes the build-up of cartilage on the head of the metatarsal bone, aligns itself bone, tendon tightens so that the thumb is held in a forward position. The correct position of the bones of the foot is fixed in a special mylar tape. The operation is complex and requires further long-term rehabilitation. However, the efficacy of this treatment, "bone" is very high, and the risk of repetitive strain is virtually nonexistent.

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