The date of the festival Battle of Orsha

In This year, bard annual festival will take place not in the first weekend, which was earlier, and on September 11 — the date of the celebration that was closer to the anniversary of the Battle of Orsha, which took place on 8 September 1514.

Bard festival will take place near the spot where in 1514 the forces of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania defeated the army of the Moscow principality — on the bank of the river near the village of Krapivenka Gatkovschina Orsha district.

In these places, singers and listeners are going from 1992 to the year. The festival is held in the format of a national holiday — the authorization to the local authorities in principle no one is asking.

In recent years Local police tried to disrupt the event rebuke: that in the river allegedly found mine and forbidden to approach the shore, the coordinator of the festival was detained along with sound-amplifying equipment and firewood.


Battle of Orsha

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