The Economic Court of Minsk dismissed Tell the Truth

The Court of Appeal of the Minsk Economic Court dismissed the institution "Moving Forward" regarding previous decision to declare the contract void, office lease for the institution, which gives reason to close the Minsk city executive committee organization.

"We believe this decision, like all the previous judicial action against us politically motivated. This is done commissioned by the government, "- commented on the decision of the Court of Appeal deputy director of the" forward "Nina Pohlopko, representing the interests of the organization in court.

The leader of the "Tell the Truth" a famous poet Vladimir Nyaklyaeadded to the commentary:

"Such courts indicate that the authorities use this tactic: they fail to fit their specific legal framework solutions. The main thing that has been written, it's all here on this law to press these guys. Well, you can play the games. Instead of making the rule of law, where the law would be all equal, the government is engaged in a game. However, it is a general principle of our lives — democracy play in a market economy. At all levels, this is what shows trial campaign "Tell the truth", but rather upon that institution gives her to work legally. "



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