The first network of sharks set on the beach in Primorye

The first network to protect swimmers from sharks, appeared on a beach recreation in the Khasan district of Primorye, told RIA Novosti on Monday, CEO base "Ocean" Natalia Kurbanov.

In the second half of August 2011 in Primorye were three cases of shark attacks on tourists. Since August 17, the predator attacked a 25-year-old Dennis Udovenko Telyakovskii at bay, bit off his hands. A day later, on 18 August, the island Zheltukhina shark attacked a 16-year-old diver Valeria Sidorovich, biting his legs. At the end of August on the "wild" beach at the village of Slav in the Khasan district predatory fish has bitten a local resident for the forearm.

Due to the challenges that this government ordered the Primorye Territory beaches provide special protective netting. From the budget of the Slavic settlement in the city was allocated 360,000 rubles.

"We installed the first network in the Khasan district of the sharks — one in the water park area, 100 meters long, 30 meters from the shore, the other — in the bathing area 200 meters long. They were made were at the local plant, and like all such networks have bright orange, frightening the fish, "- said the interviewee.

According to her, this year the sharks on the coast Khasan district has not been noticed, but for the rest of tranquility, it was decided to pull the network before the hot days.

According to RIA Novosti spokesman for the Slavic urban settlement on the main municipal beach Khasan district network setup of the sharks begin in the first decade of July.

"Networks for the town beach is received, it is 600 meters. Now being prepared: they are mounted anchor buoys. Somewhere July 10 to start the installation, so I think the opening of the swimming season — July 15 — everything will be ready," — said.

According to him, the current administration Slavyanki seeking ways and means to provide daily cleaning networks.

"To pull a network — not a problem, the problem is, who every day it is necessary to clean the algae, but it is necessary for the divers, boats, equipment, and, of course, money. Now we are negotiating on this issue", — he added.

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