The Kiev reservoir talked about as a threat to residents Dnieper

Kiev reservoir called the most dangerous place on earth.
This statement was made the head of an independent international group of scientists to predict the effects of disasters Basil Creed. According to him, the accident at the Kiev hydroelectric dam is 93%. And it can break even with a small earthquake, then, they say, fall on Ukraine "tsunami" of water Kiev Sea, and the territory of northern districts of the capital will cover radioactive sludge. In that case, says Creed, will suffer and the residence of Victor Yanukovych Mezhigorie. The scientist says that, well, the question of the elimination of the Kiev Sea many times through the Council of Europe, and there is even alleged to have been willing to make the required amount for this — $ 1 billion

In "Ukrhydroenergo" told that such horror stories appear several times a year. "We are tired of the organization denies that soon the dam will burst and flood us. As a result of repeated inspections, inspectors and scientists have concluded that the Kiev Hydroelectric Power Station is in good condition and does not pose any threat, "- said in a press sluzhbe.Chitayte also: If you have a faucet flowing water unfit — what to do and where to go? Director of the Ukrainian Research Institute vodnohozyaystvenno-environmental problems Anatoly Yatsyk also soothes and sure that hes not threatened by the Ukrainians. "HPS is designed for 100 years, and are in operation even less than half of that period. No danger. Kiev reservoir was built with various natural disasters, including earthquakes, "- says Yatsyk.

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