The land is converted into a large frying pan




Global warming — a headache all the scientific world, and civilization in general. Each time the results of scientific research on this issue led to the shock and the experts themselves and unprepared population of planet Earth.

According to the latest data published by the journal Nature in early 2004, climate change, with the "plus" after 50 years to destroy all existing 1 million species of flora and fauna. Such unfavorable conclusions were made after studying habitats in six regions of the world with different biological diversity and occupying up to 20% of the land of the planet.

Another scary study from the World Health Organization (WHO) worldwide each year are diagnosed between 2 and 3 million skin cancers, among them about 130 thousand malignancy, and all this because of the fact that people burn in the sun. According to WHO experts, every year from melanoma and other skin cancers in the world killed 66 thousand people. Each year, approximately 12-15 million people become blind due to cataracts, and 20% of these cases are caused by the sun. Since the ozone layer over the next decades will only decrease, these figures will only grow.

Today, specialists of the Institute of Astronomy in Zurich told the new horror related to global warming. They said that at the moment the first time in one thousand years the sun Haskalah to its maximum. Astronomers say that it was in the past century has been a sharp increase in sunspots. That is the conclusion the researchers came after a series of complex analyzes of glacial deposits in Greenland. According to German experts, it is the activity of "light" has a decisive impact on climate change on Earth.

Nesvedov about the functioning of the universe inhabitant of these vague information can make only one conclusion: we fry up with you in the near future, as in the pan.

However, the pundits already have a plan of salvation from death. The first method has to protect Earth from the troubles outside, putting something in space like an umbrella, which will take over the excess sunlight and stabilize the climate. As the "materials" for the shield can thus be used either billions of thin metal plates or metal ultrafine network or millions of balloons in the metallic shell: they are "thrown" to the orbit spetsraketami and within five years quietly serve as a protective barrier. At the end of life, experts say, they can be easily replaced.

The second option involves salvation "overhaul" of climate inside. On the surface of the oceans, it is proposed to place a floating mechanisms, "producing" the clouds and under the water — the plantation of algae that absorb greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Plus, build huge tanks of salt water in order to avoid rising sea levels due to melting polar ice caps. In general, the plans, in the truest sense of the word, fantastic. Can you imagine what beauty awaits us: looked at the sky — and there is a lot of iron balls, looked at the sea — and there thickets zelenyuschih algae, and most importantly, the Sun — as in the bulb in the tanning bed … wanted — lowered, he wanted to — he added.

Irina Yusupova, July 7, 14:43

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