The leader of the Georgian diaspora: Information on the Georgian transit to Russia exaggerated

In Belarus comes daily thousands of tourists, including dozens of Georgia. Is it true that most of them use Belarus as a transit corridor in Russia?

In mid-August the investigation to the right of the Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a case channel organization of illegal migration of Georgians in Russia through Belarus. According to investigators, a former citizen of Georgia who has a residence permit in Belarus and Belarusian citizen, head of the train, "Minsk-Moscow" during its "cooperation" of illegally transported to Russia about a hundred "illegals" from Georgia. The representative of the press service of the Belarusian railway Olga Katsishevskaya reported an update on this matter: Head of the train was taken into custody and has already been removed from his post, but the charge brought against him yet. In general, experts on the railroad is not clear what his fault.

should not be the chief conductor or train to check the presence of a passenger in his visa …

"This came to us from the police paper, that there is such a thing, but what he is suspected, not even indicated. However, exactly what should or chief conductor of the passenger train to check the presence of his visa. This is not in their jurisdiction."

According to information from the police, the Belarusian railway worker allegedly helped smuggle illegal in Russia about a hundred citizens of Georgia, whose entry into Russia for various reasons is prohibited. Many Georgians traveling to Russia to Belarus trains? This question, by Olga Katsishevskay, none specifically studied, but judging from its consultations with colleagues, it is a very small numbers — "one", said the employee of a railroad.

Roland Kavtarade — Chairman of the Georgian society in Belarus "Mamuli", that in Georgian means "Fatherland." Mr. Kavtarade only today came from Georgia, where he was on vacation. He says that the plane from Tbilisi most of the passengers were of Slavic and not of Caucasian appearance.

is not something that only Georgians, and the majority were Russian …

"So I looked, so there is not something that only Georgians, and the majority were Russian. Apparently, rested there. So I think it's exaggerated information about a large transit of Georgians in Russia through Belarus. Someone will say one way, while others pick up .'s all rumors. "

Every day, from Georgia to Belarus flies the plane. By Roland Kavtarade, many Georgians sent it to Belarus, where Georgian diaspora gradually increased. For example, their organization, "Mamuli" now has more than 100 active members, and five years ago, started only a couple of dozen. Another important direction for Georgians who fly with the Fatherland, was Europe, especially after the sharp deterioration of relations with Russia, says Roland Kavtarade.

"I do not think that if people are not allowed, they will all go there. Rather will go wherever allowed.'s Began to go to Europe."

Since September, opens another flight to Georgia — in the capital of Adjara Batumi. Roland Kovtoradze time now resting in Batumi and says it is will be very attractive place for Belarusian tourists.

"I went there with my family, there is a very fast changing everything. This is not the same Georgia that was. Construction is everywhere, it is much more beautiful."

Roland Kavtarade described as "very good" current relations of Georgia and Belarus, and did not deny that to a large extent this is due to non-recognition of the independence of Belarus Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.



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