The Marines of the Caspian Flotilla in two years will have three boats, Serna

RIA Announcements. Marine infantry Caspian flotilla in the coming two years will receive three modern amphibious boat project 11770 "Serna", said Tuesday RIA official Announcements representative Russian Navy.

Tuesday marks 307 years since the creation of the day or sea Corps of.

"Caspian flotilla in the next two years will receive three landing craft, "Serna", which will greatly enhance the potential of landing craft sea Corps fleet, "- said the representative of the Navy.

Boats of this project has previously acted in the Caspian Flotilla, but representative Defense Ministry did not specify how many of these boats are in service.

He said that the construction of the last great assault ship "Ivan Gren" at the "Yantar" in Kaliningrad for the needs of the Navy. Construction of the vessel began in December 2004, but was going at a slow pace due to unstable funding and a shortage of personnel in the company. BDK was launched on May 18, 2012, the transfer of the ship to the customer is scheduled for 2013 year.

The agency's interlocutor said that the Marines received new floating body armor, is updating the small arsenal of guns.
According to a representative of the Navy, coastal troops in 2012 did combat duty tasks on ships and support vessels of the Navy in the northern and southern latitudes, were involved in the fight against piracy off the coast of Somalia as part of special counter-terrorist groups.

"Total puzzles combat service in the Navy ships were doing about 50 counter-terrorism units totaling 560 people. Number of outputs units on active duty in comparison to the same period last year increased by more than 5 percent," — said the representative of the Navy.

Marine infantry The Navy in 2012, spent more than 25 tactical exercises of various scale amphibious landing on unequipped coast and made more than 90 combat services on ships and naval vessels in ocean and marine areas.

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