The melting of the polar ice caps Earth is more removed from the spherical shape

Surge of extra water to the equator due to the centrifugal effect provides an increase in the circumference of the planet at 7.1 mm per decade.
As we know, the Earth is not a sphere or ellipsoid, yet geoid is very close in form to the latter. Easy to "flatten" the world is mainly due to its rotation and to a lesser extent — the pressure exerted on the crust glaciers. When the glaciers melt, freed from the yoke of solid earth rises, and the planet gets a little closer to a spherical shape, a trend existed since the last glacial maximum.

But this trend outweighed the other: from the mid-1990s the land becomes more oblate. Steve Nirem and John Ward of the University of Colorado (USA), analyzed data from the two running in the 2002 satellite GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment), are engaged in precise measurement of the gravitational field of the planet.

They found that these changes can accurately determine the level of water in the oceans and ice thickness. Greenland and Antarctica are losing along to 382 billion tons of ice per year. Rapid warming should accelerate the raising of the earth's crust in the polar regions, but increases the amount of melt water of the oceans, and the centrifugal effect to the greatest extent raises the surface ocean at the equator. Because of that circle the Earth at the equator during the decade increased by 7.1 mm.

It is unlikely that an increase in the equatorial diameter of the planet will have any measurable impact in itself, more scientists are concerned that the GRACE satellites are worn out and may refuse this year (despite the fact that the program is formally extended to 2015), and replace will not be until at least 2016, the first (thanks to NASA). Thus, in the most valuable form extensive geophysical data space …

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