The modernized T-90S

Publishing house "national defense" weapons specifically for the exhibition in Nizhniy Tagil, which will be held September 8-11, published in the August issue of the exclusive photos of the modernized tank T-90C.

The main direction of modernization T-90C — is a brand new tower, which is equipped with improved fire control system, automatic loader and gun as an additional remote-controlled machine gun armament and protection. The increased attention given to the increasing ability commander on tactical management of the tank, and division, finding targets and fire control of the main weapons in all types of combat excellent prototype of days and NIGHT MODE. Hardware and software for the commander gives a more complete picture of the battlefield. Significantly improved maneuverability modernized tank T-90C through the introduction of an automatic gear and drive the rotation of the steering wheel. A more powerful main engine. There is an additional power unit, which will allow the tank to provide electricity in the parking lot. With all this dimensions of the machine is not increased, and by weight it continues to be in a class of 50 tons, surpassing all other terms of this modern tanks.

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