The most terrible earthquake is yet to come

We live on the planet Earth is only with the permission of its geology, and at any time, this authorization may be revoked, warns in Newsweek columnist Simon Winchester.

For hundreds or thousands of Japanese Land withdrew its resolution on Friday — all at once, suddenly, he recalls. Under his feet shook the earth, the Pacific Ocean to the land rush.

The recent earthquake in Japan can not be regarded as an isolated phenomenon, the author continues. February 22 in the Pacific, New Zealand was another devastating earthquake, and almost a year ago — an earthquake measuring 8.8 points in Chile. All three phenomena relate to the principle of the same "family" of the faults and the boundaries between tectonic plates on the Pacific coast. Usually after the first major earthquake on one edge of the plate in a few weeks or months, followed by another on the opposite edge. "At this point in the three corners of the Pacific Plate came natural disasters: last year — in the south-eastern region, in February — in the south-west, and on Friday — in the north-west," — the author notes.

While not affect just one "corner" — the north-east, where over tectonic faults of the San Andreas is the city of San Francisco. Geologists worried, "everyone knows that the San Andreas eventually shake — the last time this happened in 1906, and now the tension builds almost to ceiling." Disaster in Chile, New Zealand and Japan will give rise to an earthquake in California, the article says.

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