The myth of democracy

The myth of democracyOne of the most powerful images, which the U.S. captured the minds and hearts of people all over the planet, was the myth of democracy and freedom. The United States has become the prototype for all, "beacon of democracy", received the right to tell other countries for their mistakes and helplessness.

In reality it is only a deception, illusion. Since the advent of "democracy" in ancient Greece and ancient Rome, the system was slavery. A certain percentage of the rich and the "middle class" as long ruled the poor and the large mass of slaves, which was used to be based economy policies states. Talking about the "democratic" Athens, the Roman Republic forgets to mention tyschah, hundreds of thousands of slaves to the brutal exploitation of which stood the welfare of these powers. Modern West conceptually oriented specifically towards Rome and the "democratic" policies of Greece, and eventually in the world was built planetary slave-owning system. In the Russian Union and later in Russia people fooling types of Italian, French, American and other Western movies, where showed the well-fed, prosperous life "middle class" — immensely inflated to make abundant showcase of "capitalism" (in the last decade, this class is destroyed, in This fact became obvious markedly in recent years, he has not needed). But the Russian, Russian people are very rarely showed the underside of life of the western states and states where the rule of "liberal democracy" — millions of homeless people, the poor, the slaves (prostitutes), farm laborers, slum life, "color" ghetto. They did not know about the allocation of resources of the planet for the benefit of the population of the "golden billion". The fact that in reality all the power in "democratic countries" belongs to plutocrats, and the control system can safely be called plutocracy (al-Greek.. Πλοῦτ & # 959; ς — wealth, κράτος — board), where all the real power belongs to a few tens of clan-families.

The power of capital

"Democracy" — is an illusion, snag the real power of ordinary people. It is always power rich, so it was in the policy of ancient Greece (relatively democratic can only be called Sparta, there despised money and property, in fact it was a "military democracy"), in the Roman Republic, in all the "democratic" countries of Europe from their inception to the present day .

Examples of this fact, you can find a lot of — here and "independent" U.S. judicial system with elected funds, where those chosen arbitrators, whose campaign invested more money and election campaigns of candidates for governor and president. All senior bureaucrats are appointees of certain financial-industrial groups. Moreover, there is a clear upward trend in election expenses, which are converted into whole festive campaign with a bunch of various events. On the "people power" in this situation stupidly read.

Do not have to read about the "independence of the press" in the Western "democracies." To do this quite see how illuminated the recent war in Libya and the actions taking place in Syria. More or least try to give an impartial picture of only a few writers, journalists, the majority of the most hyped and massive media are not above the most shameless disinformation, deceiving millions of people. For example, the actions of the Syrian Homs filed and served as the Trust is no shelling of a peaceful town from the "murderous regime" Assad. Although there a few weeks there was a fight with the whole "army" of several thousand well-armed militants (mercenaries from Libya, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Jordan, Afghanistan and other states). They were able to gain a foothold in the town during the arrival of observers from the Arab League as the official Damascus withdrew from the town. The power to defeat the bandit enclave had to use armored vehicles and artillery. Although a complete victory yet could not win, and the last battle in the current time, the rebels have beat out of underground utilities town.

Beautiful prototype as "independent" media have become an integral part of the corrupt system built by their owner, is an example of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Former Prime Minister of Italy is one of the richest men in the country and even the planet, the head of the whole "business empire", which is part of a large network of media. With all this Berlusconi was at the center of constant corruption scandals, was under investigation and was accused of corruption even before he became chief executive of Italy. Its not just blamed violations of law, fraud, bribery, but this did not prevent Berlusconi visited three times Prime Minister of Italy (1994-1995, 2001-2006, 2008-2011).

It should be noted that today's liberal cries of "wetland rr-revolutionary" about the need to enter the "independent" presidential elections, political parties, members of all levels, governors, mayors, chiefs of police departments, etc., will lead to a sharp deterioration of the situation in Russia. With the commercialization of the relationship, which occurred from the beginning of the 1990s, all of these posts will be immediately occupied by appointees of the oligarchy and the various shady wealthy clans, including alcohol, tobacco, drug mafias and ethnic groups. We get clean water plutocracy.

Only candidate today "vertical of power", which is more or less sovladevaet with the maintenance of order in Russia may not be "in a western democracy," and the development of Russian models, a kind neoSovety new zemstvo (if you take the experience of the Russian Empire). But it is a very long process, so very large degradation of human capital occurred in the last decade. Today commoners corrupt and stupid people even late Russian Union not to mention more of early decades, when people receive basic education and upbringing.

The prison system, "the citadel of democracy"

Washington loves to teach others in the absence of freedom and democracy. With all of this in the most "free and democratic" country life is the planet shakes huge number of prisoners in the world. So, first in 2009 in the United States contained a lock-up 2.3 million people — that's more than a quarter of all prisoners in the world. (!) Even almost half billion China held in jail 1.5 million.

Many people know about the American bullpen only on film, thinking that his own kind of "motels", where prisoners can improve your health, bobbing in gyms, playing basketball, south american football, table tennis and for all that do not work. One of the terrible problems of the U.S. prisons are raped because only in 2008 one form or another sexy violence were about 200 thousand barman. More features for the highest rapes recorded in jail for minors.

In the last decade, the situation has changed dramatically in the employment of American prisoners. The prison system in the United States was transferred to a commercial base. And at the present time almost all South American municipal bullpen transferred to the long-term lease to companies and personal parties. And the commercialization and privatization of U.S. prisons had already started long time ago, back in the 1980s, under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush, and have gained more flourishing under Democrat Bill Clinton (president 1993-2001). The program Clin
ton to reduce the federal budget of the country and the state of civil servants has led to the fact that the Department of Justice states began to conclude an agreement on the custody of persons with private prison companies. Because municipal cheap funds allocated to such companies were small, and the cost of maintenance is very significant, there was the question of where to get the funds. Negotiations were held with the federal government, "private traders", and promptly found a way out — the prisoners were exploited to the full program there. Prison labor quickly became profitable, and since the mid-1990s prison industry is experiencing explosive growth. Naturally, its investors and the owners were speculators on Wall Street. For 2009, 37 states (out of 50) the introduction of legalized labor convicts personal corporations and the privatization of prisons.

U.S. prison industry created with a real South American scale — is a multi-billion dollar industry with their marketing budget magazines, websites, online stores, catalogs, trade shows, congresses, producers, etc. In the current time south american personal Gulag produces almost 100% of all military helmets, body armor, uniform belts, military belts, ID cards, trousers, jackets, tents, backpacks, canteens and other ammunition manufactured for the U.S. military. Apart from the army outfit, South American sideltsy create more than 90% different mounting tools (drills, drills, hammers, etc.), more than 40% of civilian and police body armor, more than a third complex home appliances, the third part of office furniture, almost a third of headphones, microphones, megaphones, watches, computers, and sophisticated medical equipment and aircraft. Interestingly, even the global financial and economic crisis has brought down the whole prison industry.

From prison companies collaborate intensively such world-famous South American companies such as IBM, Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, and naikrupneyshie U.S. companies — AT & T, Wireless, Texas Instrument, Dell, Compaq, 3Com, Intel, Northern Telecom, TWA and others. The South American business shark with ecstasy by the news of such abilities — prisoners get the lowest wages (and even then not always, working almost free of charge), no problems with labor discipline, etc.

Against the backdrop of a South American private prison business enough krivodushno seen constant accusations of U.S. government and non-governmental human rights organizations about the Stalinist Gulag system of forced labor, which has been in a corrective labor colonies Russian Union. The authorities and the business quite easily resolved the issue with the involvement of "proud and independent" of U.S. prisoners to virtually free labor. Under the new rules, the premature release may be only works if the prisoner in the prison industry. Taking into account the fact that South American judicial system very ruthless — so, for the premeditated murder of the death penalty or indefinite detention, for armed robbery can be 20-40 years old — most of the prisoners agree on almost free labor. Refuses to less than 25%, in the main, members of organized crime groups, but they face serious repression — for example, transferred to bullpen with a stricter regime, etc.

Another feature of the prison system, "the citadel of democracy," the U.S. is the fact that country comes one of those rare countries where the death penalty is sentenced teenagers are from 13-14 years old. But under the "humanization" of legislation in 2005, the Supreme Tribunal of the United States changed the death penalty for the indefinite imprisonment without parole. Of seating 90 thousand teenagers, such a sentence has over 2 thousand people. Fascinating fact that a number of states cigarettes and alcohol can only be purchased with a 21 and get a death sentence in 13-14 years. In 26 states child can drop in jail for truancy from school and the flight home.

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