The myth of Finnish machine gunners

The myth of Finnish machine gunnersIn the legend of the "terrible German machine gunners," there is a "northern brother" — Finnish machine gunners, "cuckoo".

It turns out that in the Finnish army there, as in the Wehrmacht, the individual units of submachine gunners were also some who acted without the help of others.

BV Sokolov writes: "Submachine, named after" cuckoo ", masquerading snow-white robe and settling down in the hammocks hanging between snow-covered pines, met Red avalanche of fire, while they themselves remained trudnouyazvimymi because our soldiers, armed with rifles and machine guns and devoid of cover, were worse off. Was of enormous importance, of course, the element of surprise in such shootings, and the dignity with a submachine gun became more than obvious. And then there was a very sharp turn in the sight of our military regarding this gun. Moreover, some people tried to cover up their mistakes, which caused the tense situation in a number of sectors of the front, just a lack of machines. "

With such a description can be action-packed thrillers shoot — Finnish machine gunners in the hammocks on the pines, in the freezing cold. It's a pity Finnish military had not guessed.

In fact, the coming of the divisions of the Red Army halted Pillbox "Mannerheim Line", with a 7.62 mm machine gun "Maxim", who thrashed by area tyschami rounds. But Reddish army, like the Wehrmacht in France, will find ways to break the fortified zone.

According to the state of the Finnish Infantry Regiment (2954 people) on his arms was 2325 rifles, 36 machine guns, 72 light machine guns, 72 submachine gun. Several more were submachine guns in the so-called. guerrilla battalions. Their task was independent acts in a wooded area, the type of modern reconnaissance and sabotage groups. Their platoon had on the 4 sub-machine gun, in a regular infantry platoon — 2.

Stories about companies, battalions, Finnish armed with assault rifles, the same "fairy tale" as the unit of German machine gunners.

Russian infantry regiments were armed with automatic guns more so light machine guns in the Russian shelf was 142 (72 in Finland), which allowed to make a huge volume of fire.

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The myth of Finnish machine gunners

The myth of Finnish machine gunners

Gun-gun Suomi M26 (1926), under the cartridge 7,65 x22 Parabellum.

The myth of Finnish machine gunners

Gungun Suomi M31 with a 71 round magazine cartridge.

The myth of Finnish machine gunners

Gun-gun Suomi the shop for 70 rounds.

The myth of Finnish machine gunners

Gungun Suomi M32 (option for installation in tanks or pillboxes) skorobchatym magazine for 50 rounds.

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