The Myth of pre-emptive strike Reich did even Hitler and Goebbels

The Myth of "pre-emptive" strike Reich created another Hitler and Goebbels

One of the methods of information-psychological war of the West against Russia, designed to put our people and our power on a par with the Nazi perpetrators, zateyschikami second world war, was the myth of the Great War Hitler, as a pre-emptive strike. Say, Berlin just only wanted to prevent an attack on the Russian Union has dealt a pre-emptive strike already poised to attack Russian troops.

So, keeping it in November 1941 in Munich before his colleagues on an old party, Adolf Hitler read the subsequent: "From April to May … I tracked down all the processes, determined at any moment, I will be clear that the enemy was preparing to attack if necessary overtake it at 24 hours. Signs in the middle of June became threatening, and in the second half of June, did not have any hesitation that the question of weeks or even days of. Then I gave the order to perform on June 22. " According to Adolf Hitler, it was the most difficult decision in his life, but he was obliged to accept it, because it is more likely to overcome if hit earlier Union.

But this is only a myth that refutes a number of facts, some of them — is a comparative analysis of the military-strategic plans, which were developed at a time in Berlin and Moscow. Thus, the German development all the "saturated" thoughts "lightning war", "assault on the East." In Berlin in December 1940, was approved by the eminent plan "Barbarossa", which laid out a general plan of waging war against the Russian Union. His basic idea — a "lightning war"Wehrmacht had less than 5 months to solve the" problem "of the Soviet Union and move on to solving puzzles against England. The troops had to go to the line Volga-Archangel, capturing the Baltic States, Leningrad, Belarus, Ukraine, Central District with Moscow and the North Caucasus. Urals industrial area had to be within the reach of air operations on this major campaign was to end. Preparations for war planned to finish by mid-May 1941, by which time the Wehrmacht had to have a pretty forces for "lightning war." Was knocked together a block against the Union as part of Italy, Finland, Romania, Hungary, they were joined by Bulgaria, Slovakia and Croatia, supported by France on behalf of the government of Vichy, Spain, Portugal and Turkey. Berlin had almost all the military and economic potential of Europe for the "lightning strike" all the power of the united under the rule of the dark swastika Europe.

In other words, Berlin hit during the greatest readiness Wehrmacht plan "Barbarossa" was carried out punctually. Had done enormous work on preparing the infrastructure, since May 7, Army Chief of Staff, Colonel-General Reich F. Halder makes his own "war diary" following record: "The situation with steel and highways for" Operation Barbarossa "satisfactory. Focusing on the plan "Barbarossa" 17 thousand trains. After graduating from the transportation of troops will begin shipping reserves. " May 12 Halder wrote: "In groups of armies" North "and" Center "in the main fulfilled everything we planned." Since May 22 steel road ran across the chart of accelerated motion. At that time, Moscow "threw" temper messaging disinformation — to regroup the troops for the operation against UK, talks about the proximity of Moscow and Berlin, etc. At the end of May and beginning of June was approved clear the impact.

In the evening on June 20 in Hitler's army received a complaint about the Tipo coercion like action of Germany, who "responded" to the "concentration of Russian troops on the eastern border of the Third Reich." And Hitler brazenly lied about the "constant violations of the border" from the Soviet Union (it was just opposite), that a few weeks back "on our eastern border was not a single German tank or motorized division." Formulating and "modern" myth that Germany has opposed the "conspiracy of Jewish-Anglo-Saxon warmongers and the Jewish rulers of the Bolshevik center in Moscow."

On June 22, the German salting in the USSR V. Molotov handed Schulenburg document the beginning of the war, it also blamed the Soviet Union in the preparation of a large-scale war against the Third Reich, and talked about the beginning of the war against the Reich Russian Union because of the threat blow to the Germans.

A good way to use it well and today's Western ideologues U.S., NATO — if you want to achieve something, condemning the enemy is doing what he or plan to do. Thus, arranging the genocide in Iraq or Yugoslavia, sparking a war there, the U.S., NATO vinyl in Serbian favorites, Saddam Hussein. In other words, today's internal and external enemies of the Russian Federation use the ideas made more favorites of the Third Reich, symbolically, by their deeds, falling into the camp of the aggressors, instigators of the war against Russia. Although they are not overly remember what ended their war against all the leading Russian, the result will be.

The plans of the USSR

If you examine the plans of the military and political control of the USSR, the military configuration in the Red Army, it is possible to note the subsequent — By June 1941, the Red Army was not in the best of their own "form". Slap growth of the army, with 1.9 million in 1939 to nearly 5 million by June 1, 1941, led to the simultaneous deployment of a rather short time a huge number of new units resulted in an overall decrease in the level of real security have a negative impact on combat readiness. Thus, according to the military actions in the initial period, it was noted that the highest combat effectiveness showed the "old" Cavalry Division, retained command staff and the level of training. Underwent reorganization and most of armored, mechanized units of the Red Army. Were not prepared for new bands new fortifications on the western borders and fortifications on the old boundaries were conserved. Due to the sharp rise in the Army has risen sharply and the command shell, it is also still lacked the experience, skills. Retraining going on the latest technology.

Made a number of errors and the military high command in the face of Russian People's Commissar of Defence Union Marshal SK Timoshenko (from May 1940) and the Chief of the General Staff, Army General Georgy Zhukov (from January 1941) — so, mistakenly led the main direction of the head hitting the Wehrmacht, the thought that the main attack will come from the south-west (Ukraine). Thus, the processing of the operational plan in February-April 1941, this strategic miscalculation was corrected. Last adjustment conducted in May — early June 1941, entitled "Considerations on the plan for strategic deployment of the Armed Forces of the Union of Russian in case of war with Germany and its allies." May 24 this document, which is called "the note Zhukova," was discussed at a secret meeting. In the end, quite overcome by the view that the main attack will come from Ukraine because of Kiev special military district recovered to 50% of divisions on the western borders.

In this regard, there was an offer and "preempt" the enemy to deploy, and storm the Wehrmacht during its deployment. Forces provided 152 x
100 Russian divisions to defeat Germany's divisions on the main line of Krakow — Katowice, and then from the area of Katowice to continue offensive operations, to break the Wehrmacht in the center and north of the front, capturing the area of the former East Prussia and Poland. Specifically, these ideas have become the main argument for the modern defenders of the myth of the "warmongers of the USSR."

But in-1's, this decision was necessary political control of the country, and it was not, on the contrary, it is willing to delay the start of the war on as a later time or at all to prevent the outbreak of war. In-2, it was necessary to work out all the details of the operation, to prepare for her rear. B-3, to make the necessary offensive groups in the appropriate directions, which also was not made. It's just only a suggestion, improvement of the 1st of the possible scenarios of actions of the Red Army in the event of danger.

True — in real actions and documents the Third Reich, but they say they are, that the Germans were preparing for anger is not for "preemption" and promoting a "living space" solutions "Russian question" a step towards building your own "World Order." Hitler himself July 21, 1940 at a meeting of top military and political administration said subsequently: "Russian does not want war." This was convinced German generals, the same Halder It is reported by intelligence — Our homeland will only defend.

Moscow has not needed the large-scale war, already had a lot of trouble, well, she was not prepared for the war itself, the training is not over yet. Russian Union would not have been needed "living space", the slaves, the idea of "world revolution" Stalin was buried back in the second half of the 20s. USSR needed peace.

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