The myth of the gray-haired ancient history of Ukrainians

The myth of antiquity history of Ukrainians

Unfortunately, the modern Ukrainian history is based largely on new legends that have been made that increase the difference between the parts of one of the Russian people. Contemporary Ukrainian historians and politicians nothing taught collapse of the Russian state and the ideologies that almost all were also based on the legends of Marxism-Leninism. And with the excitement of building their — the main nationalist legends on the history of Ukraine. One of the most basic, together with the myth of the Russian occupation, it is the myth of the gray-haired ancient Ukrainian history.

The myth of the old stories of Ukraine

Relative to the period before the creation of the country's ancient or so-called. Kievan Rus (themselves the inhabitants of this country called it simply "Russian Land", "Russian land"), many Ukrainian nationalist (or work off your newest elite) historians are developing a theory of "autochthonous" Misha Hrushevskoho. Its essence is that the distant ancestors of modern Ukrainians lived in the area of today's Ukraine is the country since the Neolithic period, ie Stone Age, the last stage of the Stone Age.

The main purpose of this politicized theory — find fundamental differences between "Ukrainians" and Russian at the stage of primitive society. The main way to achieve this goal — the desire to "close" the primitive tribes of Indo-Europeans, protoindoevropeytsev into the framework of areas, which then formed the Old Russian state, which, respectively, credited "Ukrainians". These pseudo-historians are trying to push the time frame very existence of the Ukrainian people, to justify his "birthright" in relation to the Russian people. Basically nothing unusual in these attempts do not — there is a political order, and of nationalism typical zeal to justify the "feature" and "superiority" of their own people, udrevnit its history. Namely, such work can be found in the environment or Mari Chuvash intelligentsia. However, people usually are, but here the situation is more complicated — "Ukrainian people"Almost made in the USSR in the box by entering the nationality of the passport" Ukrainian "and creating a framework for state-Ukrainian SSR. Previously attended the awareness of the fact that there is a single Russian people, and its historical areas of settlement — Small (South) Rus Rus Snow White, Majestic Our homeland, the New Russia.

The myth of antiquity history of UkrainiansAnd at some ukronatsionalistov so demolishes the "roof" is against this background that they give something trudnokommentiruemoe, as for example: Ukrainian political scientist and president of the Institute of Society Transformation Oleg Soskin. He said almost the subsequent: "The Muscovites stole Ukrainian language of the people, the Orthodox faith, the title of the country, and at this point it is time to return it all to us." This was followed by detailing topics, according to Soskin not need to "confuse the Moscow-Kremlin Russian occupation of Ukraine with the matter." Russian Federation — is government Chimera, segodnyaschy Muscovy. "Bandit" Peter 1st "robbed Ukraine of its genetic name" Rus ", calling his empire in Latin characters RUSSIA», a Finno-ugortsy (he refers to as Russian) pererablotali it into a "Russian." At the same time, it is time to truly recover stolen Ukraine and Russia "have to go back to his own Finno-Ugric, Turkic foundation."

According to the views of the analyst: the modern Ukrainians — they are real descendants of ancient people, this form of Russian Slavic ethnic group, and "Russian Federation — is an artificial entity, which will decay to natural Finno-Ugric, Turkic nation states." After the collapse of the Russian Federation, Ukraine should get such "organic territory," as Krasnodar region, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kursk, Belgorod region. After that will be created "the most powerful government of Rus-Ukraine".

Although evaluating the current political situation in Ukraine, the same analyst Soskin, making the right conclusions, "is fierce war between clan-oligarchic families" Yanukovych and Tymoshenko, for the ordinary people of the same victory of the 1st of the clans "over increasing exploitation of the winning family" , it is almost "clash of scorpions." And the only way to save Ukraine: "elimination and destruction of clan-oligarchic, financial and corporate groups," the expropriation of their wealth, the nationalization of natural resources, big companies, small and medium-sized businesses in the form of home.

So Makar, we litsezreem, as in today's world there are processes of etching 2-dismembered parts of a Russian super-ethnos.

Vorachivayas to history

Modern Ukrainian historical Russian idea safely attributed to the Finno-Ugric world, say the Muscovites a small admixture of Slavic "blood" to the base — Finno-Ugric. And Ukrainians are direct descendants of the old inhabitants of Tripoli culture — this Chalcolithic archaeological culture was vserasprostranena in the VI-III millennium BC. e. in the Danube-Dnieper rivers, greater flowering of Tripoli culture occurred in the period between 5500 and 2750 years. BC. e. Further held chain: the tribes Trypillians replaces archaeological culture Corded Ware, then "Corded Ware Chernolesskii-belogrudovskoy archaeological culture, after the" baton "to a neuritis of the crosses (a Scythian tribe), the culture of" poles burial "of the time the Ants. And there already and Kievan Rus — the government of "ancient Ukrainians."

However, it is not clear how to identify the "Ukrainians" at a time when then lived Russ, this is recorded in all sources so far — from the Russian chronicles to the Byzantine and Arab sources.

Read also about the origin of certain differences between the Russo-Russian South Russia and North-Eastern regions of Russia, is possible only after the period of occupation of these lands by the Poles and Lithuanian. It was at this time there is a dialect of the Russian language — Mova. After the unification in the 17-18 centuries, practically all the lands of Rus lands in one of the country went working process, the differences are erased again. Because you can not talk about the "Ukrainian history" before the 20th century, when the revolutionary reformers did the USSR.

The myth of antiquity history of Ukrainians

Monument Misha Grushevskyi in Kiev.

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