The new school year — three o'clock of a foreign language in a week

On September 1, in Belarusian schools will introduce three foreign language lessons a week. The Deputy Minister of Education Kazimir Farino at a press conference. Earlier in the Belarusian schoolchildren were two foreign language classes per week.

According to Farino, a program of action to improve the quality of language teaching developed by the Ministry of the past three years. The conceptual part of the work performed by a group led by the Rector of Minsk State Linguistic University Natalia Baranova.

The main task of the program — the transition from the grammatical component of learning a foreign language to a communicative, the deputy minister said. To this end, in addition to increasing the number of training hours were decision a division of a school class in the classroom in a foreign language is not in the two groups, as it was before, but three.

The Deputy Minister also said that the school organization and methodically prepared for the introduction of a third language lessons a week. Farino said that the introduction of additional hours will increase the load on the teachers of a foreign language that will allow them to earn more.

In linguistic grammar schools are also provided to introduce an additional hour of instruction in a foreign language.

Through two years, Deputy Minister, Belarus will requires taking the exam in a foreign language for high school course.

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