The number of flood victims in Thailand exceeded 500

506 claimed the lives of a large-scale flooding in Thailand, with which the inhabitants of the country are struggling for months. Work on pumping water. This is the strongest in the last 50 years, a natural disaster that struck the northern and central provinces of the country in late July, reports

On July 5, when the north of Thailand hit tropical storm Nock-ten, natural disasters have affected 63 provinces of Thailand. To date, the water went down in 38 provinces, and there started the restoration work.

Since July, the impact of elements in the kingdom suffered more than 3 million people, about 800 thousand of them sought medical treatment. Almost 150 thousand people were left homeless. Flooded about 15 thousand enterprises, large agricultural fields. Amount of damage, according to various estimates, up to 10 to 16 billion dollars.

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