The number of victims of landslides and floods in Brazil has exceeded 670

The number of victims of landslides and floods caused by heavy rains in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, has exceeded 670 people. By Monday evening homeless were 15 thousand people. More than 200 residents of the mountain five days after the disaster remain missing. According to the number of victims — is the heaviest natural climatic catastrophe in the history of the largest country in South America.

In the disaster area in full swing working on clearing debris, restoring life support and communications. Liquidators are trying take advantage of improved weather — the first time in days, the sky over the mountains from the top of the rain clouds cleared, the sun came out.

Authorities sent to the affected areas army engineering units, which have a special heavy equipment for construction in the mountains bridges. Brazil has flown all the information that an army helicopter managed to find 18 people who have almost a week due to landslides were completely cut off from the outside world. Throughout Brazil is collecting donations for the victims of landslides and floods.

According to experts, the full restoration of normal life in the affected municipalities of Nova Friburgo, Teresopolis and Petropolis take months of hard work. This time, authorities say the commitment is not only to eliminate the consequences of the disaster, but also to take steps to avoid future tragedies like this one. This will have to demolish dozens of houses that were illegally built in hazardous areas. As part of the government program in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in the next six months will be built about three thousand houses destroyed in exchange element.

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Aloisio Mercadante announced Monday on the program, under which the four years will be completely reformed national civil protection system, in particular, changed the procedure for warning the public about the dangers of natural disasters. According to government estimates, at present in areas of high risk of landslides and flooding live about five million Brazilians, ITAR-TASS reported.

In the municipality of Nova Friburgo per night from Tuesday to Wednesday had the monthly rainfall, and this despite the fact that January is the month where the strong tropical storms. Torrents of mud and rocks covered the entire residential neighborhoods. As a result, not only destroyed the villages poor, but well-equipped tourist areas. In the affected municipalities violated electricity and telephone service.

Landslides cut all the main roads in the mountainous part of the state, and federal highway linking Rio de Janeiro with the hinterland. The absence of reliable transport hampers rescue operations in mountainous areas.

According to the Russian consulate in Brazil, among our fellow victims. Due to the devastating floods condolences Brazilian President Dmitry Medvedev expressed.

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