The number of victims of natural disasters in the Russian Federation for the year increased almost 100 times

MOE increased significantly in 2012, the number of deaths in Russia as a result of natural disasters — it exceeded the previous year by almost 93 times.

The largest of these emergencies was catastrophic in its consequences flooding in the Kuban region that killed only one Krymsk over 170 lives (the official).

"The death toll of the natural disaster (for ten months in 2012 killed 185 people) increased 92.5 times compared to the same period in 2011 (2 people) and exceeds the average value (80) of 2.3 times," — says the forecast center "Antistikhia" in 2013.

According to authorities, this year at ES natural character of the country suffered 70.81 thousand (in 2011 — 22.21 thousand, an increase of 3.2 times).

A total of 2012 subjects in the territory of the Russian Federation there were two natural disaster federal level (the devastating flood in the Krasnodar region and drought in Bashkiria), and 15 regional, including the earthquake in Tuva, dangerous hydrological phenomena in Mordovia, Penza and Saratov regions and squalls in the Orenburg region.

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