The occupation in Russian

In the Georgian capital,write, recently arrested two hot guys, naturally the Mother of Vladimir Putin was worth. The boys were young activists of the "Free Zone" and so extravagant were protesting against the "Russian occupation". Unfortunately, the problem of capturing Russian Ivan ancestral lands of Georgia Vano solve so failed — passionate activists were arrested for disorderly conduct. Next they will have a hard time: we know how to"Fun"pass the night in the Georgian prisons.


Hey, guys would know how to actually look this revolting Russian occupation of Abkhazia! For example, our specialists are building a power plant there. A year ago,launchedsmall hydroelectric power station on the river Psyrtsha (as well, quickly say the name of the river five times in a row) — is the result of nearly five years' work on the restoration of the station. It was built in 1902 by local monks, in 1922, repaired the last time. More than 40 years of age are not working. The new plant will not only supply electricity to New Athos monastery complex, but will become another tourist attraction.

Athos Falls — the part of the local hydraulic system.

The restoration of the station is a Russian company — Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Bureau (UKBP). This release of the remote control of small hydro — power system can be controlled via satellite from space though. Ulyanovsk engineers have recently joined the group "Radio-electronic technology" (KRET), part of the corporationRostekhnadzor. The main objective of KRETa — consolidation of aviation electronics manufacturers, so the concern laid out nearly 1.5 billion for a 58% stake UKBP. HPP management system — just one of the projects of Ulyanovsk, but mostly they specialize in avionics.

There is such a great combat training aircraft Yak-130. This new development is designed to replace the obsolete training aircraft L-39. The Yak-130 is equipped with a digital control system that allows programming of the machine depending on the type of simulated flight. Yak-130 provides the ability to train pilots for the aircraft of the 4th and 5th generations. For this universal machine Ulyanovsk engineers produce avionics systems.


And UKBP equips electronics multipurpose fighter Su-30MKI, built specifically for India, which now buys most of all weapons in the world. More recently, the Indian military tactics of the armed forces was a very archaic. It turned out that throw poisonous snakes in the barracks of the Pakistani enemies not quite effective, but better to go off the beaten track — there is all sorts of missiles, aircraft again. Just last year, India ordered Russia has 42 multi-role fighters, so Ulyanovsk engineers work to be done.


It must be said that the production of complex systems-board equipment — it laborious. Each company produces a nut, and then begins interesting: it is necessary to gather it all together, debug, and then also present, to agree on the supply and so on., And so on. Therefore, consolidation of a knowledge-intensive industry — it is generally useful. KRET after all the epic radio-electronic companies in a couple of years, plans to become the largest supplier of electronic systems for aircraft to markets in Russia and CIS. So ahead of the occupation of world markets.

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