The police ignored the court

August 25 at the Central Court of Gomel, the preliminary examination of the claim Larissa Voronezhtseva to managing inquiries ATC Gomel Oblast Executive Committee. Wife activist Yuri Voronezhtseva requires that the police returned to her children and belongings and money — $ 4,700.

A search of his apartment, which was held on May 18, has been committed as a result of cooperation of Mr. Voronezhtseva the civil campaign "Tell the Truth."

Decision made Lenin district police investigation Victoria Yukhnevich under Article 250 of the Criminal Code — spreading false information about products and services, and the performers were Homel police.

At a preliminary hearing none of the representatives of the Office of the inquiry did not come.

According to the applicant and counsel Peter Borisov, judge Arkady Kalugin distressed, possible generally affect the Minsk investigators.

It is not known where the currently selected money and things — in Gomel and Minsk.

Lawyer Larissa Voronezhtsevaand will soon send to the Leninsky district police and Gomel management inquiry request that what have withdrawn money and 9 other things to criminal charges of distributing campaign "Tell the Truth" false information about products and services? In particular, the daughter of a laptop, on which she performs schoolwork? Or mobile phone disabled son?

The next hearing on the case is scheduled for September 27.

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