The police returned the petitions activist Tell the Truth

Mogilev activists of "Tell the Truth" Igor Kovalenko returned today seized on August 13 blank petitions for nomination of Vladimir Neklyaeva deputy to the Fourth Republican People's Assembly. 1071 subscription list was taken during a police search vehicles activist.

Igor Kovalenko"I got a call from the police station and was told to come and pick up printed materials, which were seized by state inspection. This so-called pustagrafy, blank petitions. I am the Major asked, "What is no sedition in them is not found?." He replied: "There was." Made the report survey. Listed there, which I chaired charity. What she does. Ask me, I'm a political opposition parties. Mayor asked: "Is there a Belarusian Assembly passed? '. I said, "It is not passed, so these lists are still useful to us." He seemed suddenly embarrassed, but also ordered him must have been — to give the sheets, and he gave them. They probably thought that the meeting has already passed. "

After the search, police cars Kovalenko unknown messed up the door to the office of the movement "Tell the Truth. "Police searching for intruders. Door repair cost 140 activists thousand.


"Tell the Truth"Igor Kovalenko

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