The satellites have confirmed the existence of monsters, absorbing ships




EU project called MaxWave gave phenomenal results: for the first time managed to document the large number of so-called waves of monsters and learn a lot about the conditions of their occurrence.

It's not about the tsunami generated by earthquakes and gaining a greater height in the shallow water, and the mysterious solitary waves of height with 10-12 storey house, which from time to time arise in the middle of the open ocean, in general, low waves.

It is believed that such waves, solitons are responsible for many deaths courts. They are not seen these days.

So in 1995, the liner Queen Elizabeth II encountered in the open ocean water with a wall height of 29 meters. There were other cases. They have tens of per year.

However, by all accounts, the occurrence of these waves due to random interference of several small (so far the only explanation) — had to take place on the Earth once every ten thousand years.

Because many scientists are skeptical look at the existence of such solitons.

The project involved the MaxWave monitoring the ocean surface using radar satellites of the European Space Agency.

And now it became known — hunting success: three weeks of measurements have been "caught" ten monstrous waves higher than 25 meters. So one of them rose to almost 30 meters with neighboring 10-meter.

So was the first to scientifically prove that the wave-monsters — the phenomenon is much more frequent than expected by previous physical models. Now you need to understand what conditions lead to these. The project will continue.

Battery News, 21.07.2004 17:51
Source: Membrana

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