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Advisor to the President believes that the Kyoto Protocol — a "brown plague"
12:55 10.07.04

This week, the Academy of Sciences had a big scandal. At the board meeting, seminar RAS on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol were first invited reputable foreign experts in the field of climatology, and related disciplines that have not participated in the UN Commission on the issue. Invited to the same meeting, along with the "official" English experts chief scientific adviser to the British Prime Minister, Sir David King in the form of an ultimatum demanded that the President of the RAS remove from the audience of "informal" scientists. David King, threatening to leave the Russian Academy of Sciences workshop, call directly to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, which was at that time in Moscow, and also contacted the office of Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Because of the scandal was lost 4 hours of seminar. Sir David King himself has limited speech opening remarks, questions almost did not answer and left the seminar. "The first time I come across such blatant pressure — said the presidential adviser Andrei Illarionov. — If a few years ago I was told about this behavior of foreign representatives in relation to Russia, I would have considered it communist propaganda." It is fair to say that some of the academic research scientists say that the pressure exerted on the collection of presidential advisor, advisor as British Prime Minister just fought back. Anyway the first meeting for the year of Russian and Western climate scientists went beyond the scientific debate and has not brought the desired results.

— The Kyoto Protocol — a set of fraudulent claims — said Andrei Illarionov. — None of the scientific assertions in this document is not supported by actual data. Equilibrium in the climate is not broken. Floods and droughts are often not, the wind speed in hurricanes reduced. Statistics of communicable diseases not related to the temperature. A slight increase in its 100 years — is not the result of human activities, and natural factors. No carbon dioxide affects the temperature, but on the contrary, the temperature affects the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The Kyoto Protocol can be compared with totalitarian ideologies like National Socialism, Marxism and Lysenkoism. Europe was already at the mercy of the "brown plague", now there is a "plague" of a different color, and on her way again faced Russia. Against our country is a totalitarian war with inevitable casualties. But in Russia there is no substantial basis for the signing of the Kyoto Protocol.

It will be recalled that after the Kyoto Protocol, the United States and Australia came as European countries have ratified it, the fate of our biggest environmental document depends entirely on the position of Russia. Only in the case of Russia's ratification of this agreement designed to limit emissions of greenhouse gases can earn mechanisms that include and emissions trading, joint implementation and the mechanisms for the implementation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies. However, in Russia if the country will begin a planned industrial take-off, the Kyoto Protocol, as predicting his opponents, can be very harmful. For example, to sell quotas for emissions can be 4-5 dollars per 1 ton, and a few years later penalties for exceeding their quota can already make 160-600 dollars per 1 ton.

Council Workshop on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol was convened at the initiative of the President of Academy of Sciences of Russia, which after World Climate Conference held in the summer of 2003 in Moscow, appealed to Russian scientists to analyze the feasibility of ratification of the Kyoto Protocol by Russia, on which opinions differed sharply . Council seminar began work in January 2004. 12 meetings, heard 20 reports were made (some — not once) Academician Yuri Osipov, Yuri Izrael (workshop leader), Dmitry Lvov, Georgy Golitsyn, Kamo Demirjian, Zavarzin George Valentin Dymnikov, corresponding members of RAS Igor Mokhov, Victor Danilov -Danil'yan, Alexey Makarov, and other specialists. By the President of the Russian Federation carried out the supervision of his adviser, Andrei Illarionov, who first climatology never done. Is it possible for half a year (in fact, the term is even less, since the adviser immediately began to express a negative attitude to the Kyoto agreement) to understand the entire science — the question is individual. But, obviously, with a political mandate, as the history of Russian science, any scientific subject can be mastered in a mode blitzkrieg. Without a doubt, Sir David King was aware of the fact that Andrei Illarionov has already made a firm judgment on the Kyoto Protocol, which aims to team foreign "unofficial" climatologists should only confirm this position. The scandal was inevitable and programmed.

Columnist of "News" was able to speak with Sir David King after he proudly and independently as an English cruiser out of the enemy's harbor, left the Russian Academy of Sciences. Sir David was unflappable and diplomatic. To suggest that he just terrorized the academy, it was impossible.

— On behalf of the Government of the UK, I can say that by 2050, regardless of the position of other countries, we will reduce carbon emissions by 50% — said Sir David King. — And it does not prevent our economy to grow: in 1990 GDP grew by 45% while reducing emissions by 12%. I was just in China, Korea and India, where the economy is growing rapidly. These countries have shown great interest in the Kyoto Protocol, they will be involved in its second stage. The Kyoto Protocol — part of a very important process for mankind to overcome the global warming, which should connect all the countries, Russia and signature — a part of the process. British scientists — the leaders, as happened historically in climatological science, and we have with the Russian Academy of Sciences a good understanding (? — SL), which I am sure will be even better. Put off further discuss the problem of global warming is wrong, it is a big mistake. By the way, I recently met with former U.S. Vice President Gore. In case of victory in the presidential elections, the Democratic Party of America probably will return to the Kyoto Protocol.

It is known, how many witnesses — as evidence. The controversy over the Kyoto Protocol remind this truth. How many scientists — so many opinions. No wonder: the most powerful supercomputers can not build a model of climate change in either the short term or the long term. While climate models take into account the limited number of parameters and the naivety reminiscent of the primitive theory of the flat-earth.

As the team after the scandal "official" British scientists quickly retreated, there was a possibility to talk only with those experts who infuriated Sir David King. Stockholm University professor Nils Merner on the basis of long-term expeditions argues that there is not the slightest threat of flooding of Maldives (in Kyoto document states that the archipelago will go under water in the first place), the water can rise to a maximum of 5 cm with a computational error of plus or minus 15 See Professor Paul Reiter of the Pasteur Institute openly calls Kyoto experts in virology amateurs who do not know the science, and argues that epidemic diseases are dependent on many factors and funny reduce everything to the temperature.

Professor Julian Morris of the University of Buckingham said that in England there is no consensus among scientists about theories underlying the Kyoto Protocol, which is like a game of chess, where it is allowed to play only one figure. Professor Maurice believes that Sir David King should either reconsider its position, or resign.

So, come to global warming and whether the Kyoto Protocol — is unclear. Obviously something else: passion around these problems erupted.

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