The secret military unit 10003

In 1989, in the former Soviet Union, was formed w / h 10003. There were many rumors about it, because even the defense minister Dmitry Yazova its activities were a complete mystery. They said that it engaged in experiments to create zombies, communicating with aliens, weapons development enslaves minds. This article — it's an interview with her former commander. Meet the lieutenant-general reserve of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia Alex Y. SAVIN.

In this article there is a great a film about a / h 10003, because — do not pass by!
Let's find out where the truth is.

— Alex Y., around the part where you commanded, is blowing a lot of tall tales and fables. What is actually involved in this military unit?

— Of course, most of that talk about the military unit 10003, has no relation to reality. In fact, this part is mainly engaged in the study of super abilities of man. And one of the main goals was to create methods by which the average person can be given the unusual features. So he could memorize a lot of information, to operate in the mind of large numbers and information flows. In a word, to open it extraordinary creativity and psychic abilities. And as part of the military was still, we expected to find ways to give people high availability, and unique capabilities of the body to withstand the extreme conditions and mechanical stress without compromising health. And we needed to develop a phenomenal human potential inherent in his nature, and not trivial to gather from across the country of people with psychic abilities.

— How did the idea of creating a military unit?

— In 1986, I was offered a senior officer in the Office of the USSR Ministry of Defense weapons, of course, I agreed. When I worked in this administration, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of very unusual designs, many of which are still considered classified. So, in the last years of perestroika, a civic group of psychics out to the Minister of Defense of the USSR with a proposal to use their ability to find the missing ships, locate and treat people. I was instructed to understand the effectiveness of the proposal psychics. After some investigation, I found that 20% of the psychics have shown very good results. In the end, after my talk the chief of the General Staff Army General Mikhail Moiseyev had the idea to create a direction for the development and extraordinary psychic abilities. Head this department, and then grew up in management, offered me.

— What did the creation of such senior executives of the Ministry of Defence?

— Yazov, when he was informed about our work in the hearts said, "With you and believe in the devil, sginte from my eyes." Since then we have, in order not to anger the materialistically minded leadership, became subject to the Chief of General Staff. As for our top-secret work the first 10 years of existence nobody even knew.

— Any of the Soviet leaders to seriously support your research?

— The most active was the patron of our Finance Minister Valentin Pavlov. He has secured funding our work. In its filing, we have organized an exhibition that told about the possible methods of working with people to reveal their super abilities. Some time after the exhibition Pavlov suggested that we create a super elite, which could pull the country out of the abyss into which it persistently fails. It was supposed to create supersovetnikov for the government and the Ministry of Defence. We were looking for talented young people across the country. But, unfortunately, after the coup, these works had to be cut.

— And how to treat your activities other military units?

— It depends. In March 1990, we are with our group arrived at Star City. Then the cosmonaut corps led the pilot-cosmonaut Vladimir Shatalov. We talked about the possibilities of psychic in the preparation of cosmonauts Shatalov, but said he did not believe in mysticism. One of my assistants said, "Take a pencil and place it in a bent arm, and then release." Shatalov did just that. Pencil rolled down. Then my assistant asked him to do the same, but this time the pencil is literally stuck to the arm of the astronaut. And no one shook his hand, no team does not come off the pencil. So we convinced Shatalov, paranormal things that do exist.

— And other successes have you had? For example, if your predictions come true and predictions?

— Yes. In 1991, I was asked to calculate the seismic situation in Kamchatka, where planned major military exercises. I soon brought the chief of the General Staff of the map with marked alleged earthquakes, and he gave it to the responsible general. But the general, without considering, apparently, the source of the information sent a coded message to the troops showing prepare for an earthquake. As a result of a military family began to leave the place started banal panic. At the same time, seismologists did not predict anything extraordinary. I got a call from the Office of the Minister of Defense and was told that if the earthquake will not, then I have serious trouble. But exactly at the appointed time the earthquake occurred.

— Tell me, is it true that part of you been looking for contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations?

— Directly we were not engaged in the topic, but we are sometimes attracted as experts. One day in the summer of 1991 one of the psychics Mark Melhiker and a group of his associates in different cities of the Soviet Union came to the conclusion that in the town of Zarafshan near Tashkent at a certain time must land aliens seeking contact with our civilization. Somehow found out about it and Gorbachev gave the Yazov understand.

It is noteworthy that the aliens demanded by psychics to disable air defense systems in the landing area, and this could be done only with the approval of Gorbachev. I do not know whether or not the defense in fact, probably not, but we flew by helicopter to the area of intended landing alien craft. They sat down in the desert, waiting … But no one came.

One of the pilots was to sneer at Melhikerom. On a psychic offered to introduce him to a state of hypnosis and give an opportunity to communicate with the aliens. The pilot laughed and agreed. After immersion in hypnosis pilot was to talk to someone, to express complex scientific theories. Coming out of hypnosis, he could not repeat them. After this incident, and if we were trying to make contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, it is only through extrasensory perception.

Finance Minister Valentin Pavlov proposed a super elite, which could pull the country out of the abyss into which it is sinking. Talented young people across the country looking for.

— Today, a lot of talk about the psychotronic weapons that can be used to program any person. As far as the rumors are justified?

— We have studied the issues of psychic intelligence and how to protect against it. However, a number of studies have come to the conclusion that "drive" the head of President of a country program that he unquestioningly served almost impossible. Even for the theoretical impact of such special conditions are necessary: time, relaxed mental attitude, a special ambience. Despite the fact that the president often strong-willed man who himself who want zombiruet.

— And what is today engaged in military unit 10003?

— In 2004, I resigned. So what about the future of parts, as well as its research to me, unfortunately, is not known.

Interviewed by Dmitry Sokolov
"Mysteries and Secrets. Steps "in December 2012

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