The Truth About Dandruff

Each person in the course of life faced with dandruff, which manifests enhanced exfoliation of cells from the surface of the scalp. While some signs of dandruff may not be immediately apparent accumulation of dry skin flakes make it visible to others. By "invisible" signs of dandruff include itching and a feeling of tightening of the skin.

Dandruff usually appears during puberty and accompanies us throughout adulthood. Factors predisposing to its occurrence, is excessive formation of sebum due to functional activity of the sebaceous glands, hormonal changes or diet. Increased sebum production increases microbial colonies feeding fatty acids. These microorganisms include fungi genus Malassezia, some species of which can cause dandruff. These fungi are usually found in areas of the skin, the most rich in sebaceous glands: on the forehead, chin, upper third of the back and the chest, on the scalp. Fungi are located in the upper layer of the scalp and hair follicles in the mouth.

Dandruff long been considered a social problem. Dandruff on the head may be a potential source of insecurity.

The Truth About DandruffFinding dandruff, most people are familiar Head & Shoulders shampoo. If they seek the help of a doctor, and the doctor usually recommends Head & Shoulders Shampoo. Why is this shampoo is so popular with patients and dermatologists?

Consider the point of view of patients.

A study in England found that 3 out of 4 women suffering from dandruff, prefer to use medical shampoo, which includes a hair conditioner, shampoo because this has the advantage of the hair care patients and satisfies a greater extent. As Head & Shoulders shampoo contains conditioning additives, it best meets the requirements of the patients. Thus it is not necessary to alternate with other cosmetics, since it provides protection against both beautiful hair and dandruff.

As practice shows, the famous formula "2 in 1", which combines shampoo and conditioner for hair, make Head & Shoulders most successful option in the event that will be a long trip and suitcase did not want to load additional funds for hair-conditioning or balms. Head & Shoulders shampoo not only actively fights against dandruff, but it meets the requirements of safe use in the home. Medicinal properties of Head & Shoulders persist in the presence of the other ingredients of shampoo, which helps to clean the hair and scalp, relieves itching and prevent the growth of mold forming dandruff. Thus, patients like Head & Shoulders shampoo, because it is the most comfortable cosmetic dandruff shampoo.

Why shampoo Head & Shoulders like dermatologists?

The reason for popularity — in its properties that comply with the requirements of the anti-fungal drugs. In the treatment of these drugs should:

  • to accumulate in those layers of the skin, where a fungal process;
  • not penetrate the layers where the livelihoods of the fungus is not possible;
  • have anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal activity.

All these properties have shampoo Head & Shoulders. Universal health-care remedy for dandruff it does antifungal ingredient — zinc pyrithione.

Most anti-fungal ingredients that are included in other medicated shampoos for dandruff, need continuous contact with the fungus to achieve a therapeutic effect. The annotation of these shampoos usually indicate that they need to withstand the hair for at least 3 minutes. But in practice, patients have the patience to only 30 seconds. Therefore, anti-fungal shampoos with instant impact are more effective in controlling dandruff. After washing off the head with Head & Shoulders shampoo zinc pyrithione particles remain the scalp and slowly dissolve in the secretions of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands. Thus, zinc pyrithione, inhibits the growth of the pathogen dandruff — microorganism Malassezia globoza. So about shampoo Head & Shoulders say that it works in between washing the head.

New technology has greatly enhanced the effectiveness of the shampoo Head & Shoulders. In order to maximize antifungal particles covering the surface of the scalp, they are given a special flat plate shape. But the most important thing — the active component of the antifungal shampoo Head & Shoulders does not arise addiction. Studies by American scientists, conducted over several years have shown that Malassezia globosa not acquire resistance to zinc pyrithione, and long-term prophylaxis as regular shampooing prevents recurrence of the disease, thus making this shampoo as long as necessary.

Since dandruff is not related to sex differences observed in both men and women, the Head & Shoulders Shampoo gets rid of dandruff for all young people and adults who are concerned about her appearance. At the same time, the Head & Shoulders into account pH balance of the scalp (ph 5-6,5). Due to all these properties, the shampoo can be used daily.

Author: n to m. Gadzhigoroeva AG

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