The underground route to Svalbard?

Below the Blue Mountains since last year they left excavation — he jokingly called the "well". On the opposite diameter basin — another excavation, "pool." Bioramka showed that it was under these points in the earth passes the channel tunnel. The guys laid excavations that eventually make their way to the tunnel. So far managed to choose the soil to a depth of 4-5 meters. Next was not allowed groundwater. Another three meters — and can be a sensation.

About tunnels in these places go all kinds of rumors. Some say they see a strange glow of them, like the modern dynamic signage burn, which can be ordered from, others say as if still Kuman used these underground tunnels, running away from his pursuers. In times of Pugacheva allegedly lived here "forest robbers." They were just strange — nobody touched, lived in seclusion, hiding their secrets unknown. When the peasant leader has sent an ultimatum to join one of his troops, sent Pugachev truce away and disappeared underground. During the Civil War, the gang hid in the tunnels beard who threw grenades red.

Later, it was inhabited by gypsies, the tunnels are stolen herds of horses. By the way, experts on equine habits assure that the horse would not compel climb into the narrow hole, so if the horses were driven underground, it means that the width of the tunnel was at least several meters. At the beginning of the war, when the deserters were hiding in the caves, an order was issued to all the inputs to blow up the tunnels.

Which was done with all the cruelty of that time. Chernobrov still found in the living former chairman of the executive committee Nikolai Ilyich Droshenko, personally participated in the bombings. It was he who confirmed: the tunnels were perfectly straight, very wide and high.

Dowsing survey showed that the two main tunnels intersect with the letter X, the width of the corridors ranges from 7 to 22 meters, there are a lot of side branches. When last summer unearthed "pool", began incredible. At night, once the kids leave the excavation, from the bottom up beating him heaps of bright light, both from the spotlights. As soon as someone back to the excavation, the light immediately disappeared.

This was repeated every night. Gradually, members of the expedition are so accustomed to the light projectors that relied on it: where shafts of light, there is "pool."

Exploded near the entrance to the tunnel by members of the expedition discovered a triangular area — presumably a UFO landing site. The maximum size of the triangle — 4.5 meters. So, in a seven-meter tunnel UFO fits. Do not serve as a kind of underground tunnels to the base of unidentified vehicles?

According Chernobrov, the young driver from the village of New Alexander Terekhov observed at dusk, as the two parted luminous disk — one cool flew up, the other was stuck into the ground and disappeared without a sound. Where he disappeared? Not in one of the tunnels to Medveditskaia ridge?

As says Vadim, the entire district repeatedly watched the maneuvers of fire drives. The local village and district center populated by contactees how rarely the place. People allegedly flew on an alien ship, there have been at their distant planets. Contactors are vying with each other, exposing each other, conduct interstellar war.

They also claim that the required tunnels — only a small part of an extensive system of underground passages, what are found in the U.S., Novaya Zemlya, Svalbard, and all are interconnected.

Skeptic: — To the west of the district center is a cave, it can even get in on it had been blocked. Here's a clue to the mysterious and tunnels.

Enthusiast: — Where did you see the cave, straight as a string? Yes, those along which were worn to UFOs!

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