The volume of agricultural products are rising in Primorye despite flood

Crop harvested in the province without a loss. The volume of agricultural production, despite the passage of flood increased in Primorye, compared to last year. According to the information, to date, the province harvested 2,700 hectares of vegetables and 1,200 ha of potatoes harvested 10,200 hectares of grass silage for the future.

Best areas for harvesting vegetables and potatoes are the October municipal area, where cleaned more than 1200 hectares of potatoes and 1,600 hectares of vegetables, Ussuri region (harvested 218 hectares of potatoes, 890 hectares of vegetables), Guerrilla area (60 hectares harvested potatoes, 130 hectares of vegetables), Artemovskii Borough (262 hectares of potatoes, 41 ha of vegetables).

"Harvesting is carried out by coastal agricultural producers in two shifts to the cause attracted students and senior citizens, introduced flexible mode of payment, when, by agreement, for the work you can get a cash payment instead of the product," — said the deputy PC Board AP Food Policy Environment and Yuri Korneev. — All efforts are now focused on the fact that, while well established dry weather, protect crops, to prevent its loss due to the arrival of cold weather and to provide residents of the province and neighboring subjects of local agricultural production. "

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